Gustav, Pet Evacuation, some of the Process

Bull Mastiff

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"Mamma I'm glad the animals are getting out! :)

Just so you don't worry, this is how a majority of it is happening. I know some people were concerned that only small pets were being evacuated, but large pets are going to:

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Oncoming Gustav prompts action to protect animals
By Alex Branch | McClatchy Newspapers

NEW ORLEANS — Elisa Miller dropped to the pavement and nuzzled her face against the neck of her fittingly named coonhound Hurricane.

Then she stood up outside the New Orleans downtown bus station and watched officials lead Hurricane into a portable crate, which would then be loaded onto an 18-wheeler.

"The driver will stop every two hours to check on the pets," a worker assured her. "We'll take good care of him. We promise."

"Please do," Miller said, casting one last nervous glance before heading to a bus taking people to Shreveport.

Three years after pet owners were reduced to tears while being forced to leave their dogs and cats in neighborhoods ravaged by Hurricane Katrina, emergency response officials are taking extraordinary care to ensure animal safety during Hurricane Gustav.

At the bus station, a designated pick-up point for evacuees, a pet registration center was set up under green tents. Dozens of white pet-traveling crates were stacked against the curb.

"We're making sure the pets go where their owners go," said Sandy Cochran, South Carolina state coordinator with United Animal Nations, who came to New Orleans to help with the effort. "During Katrina, there was really no plan for what to do with pets.

We have a 178-pound English Mastiff on a truck right now. We've seen and are taking everything here."

Before pet owners boarded a bus, they filed out paperwork about their animal and were given a paper bracelet with a code number on it, she said. That code number was then written on the traveling crate along with the names of the pet and owner.

The pets were loaded onto 18-wheel trucks, which follow their buses to their destination. Every two hours, the truck driver stops to check on the animals, which are fed, watered and kept cool.

A veterinarian was on stand-by at the registration tent to treat sick or injured animals, Cochran said. State officials said they requested about 150 trucks to help transport pets out of the city.

Among the animals to arrive Sunday were cats, dogs, a brightly colored bird and a rabbit.

Adams Woods said he and his Labrador mix, Mandela, spent five days outside the Superdome during Hurricane Katrina because he refused to board a bus without him.

"I wasn't gonna leave this time until I heard they'd help you get your dog out of here, too," he said, stroking Mandela's back. "As a worker led Mandela away on a leash, Woods said, "I don't like that dog; I love that dog. He's not used to this, so look out for him, ok?"

Branch is a staff writer with the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram.

The Way Out

Something Fishy!

Babydolls say "Baaad Daay? Smile!"

Think of all the nice things you have :)

What do these sheep (one of the oldest and rarest breeds of sheep) do that's good?
  • Pets: Babydoll sheep make wonderful pets because of their small size and docile temperments. Imagine the smiles they can bring to the elderly, disabled, children, and everyone in between.
  • Wool: In the same fiber class as cashmere! Micron counts reported between 19 and 22. Due to the barbs on babydoll wool it is great to blend with Angora or Mohair.
  • Organic weeders: Babydolls make great weeders for vineyards, berry farms, and orchards due to their small size. Without harming trunks and shrubs they provide double duty gardening, weeding and fertilizing as they wander.

    If you'd like to visit a Babydoll Sheep and are in Queens NY read here! :) They just got some new babies!

  • Sunny Smile Sunday, Topsy Turvy Time

    Click the pic to find out what is UP with the upside down house.
    Check out a Flickr set here of an Upside Down House in Poland!

    Song for Jack, Canine Choir Album Coming Soon

    Canine crooners in Wales have been auditioning to take part in a special doggy choir.

    The group of singing hounds will create and perform a song and make a record.
    Judges auditioned dogs eager to earn a place in the choir at the National Waterfront Museum in Swansea.
    The auditionees all had to start singing after hearing a piece of music or after a direct command.

    The choir will hit the recording studio in September and perform in a special concert in October.
    The project is a musical tribute to the city's legendary dog hero, Swansea Jack, who is believed to have saved nearly 30 people from drowning in the 1930s.
    Read the article here and read more and see a cute video here

    Swansea Jack Memorial
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    Travel Safely, Stay Safe my friends

    Geaux Away Gustav
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    A friend of mine left her home tonight with family and pets to drive out to safety, and friends of hers have stayed behind.

    To all on the roads tonight and tomorrow godspeed find safety, to those who choose to remain behind if you rode out Katrina and Rita use every skill you learned for survival and stay safe.

    I am thankful also that the tragedy of the Katrina pets, while it brought out the best in many people, showed what a mistake it was to leave them. They are being allowed to be evacuated too.

    Click here for this essential site for help and updates at
    Red Cross

    Yenni Building, LA 08.30.2008
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    Frisky Fridge

    Is your refrigerator running?

    Maybe flying? :)

    Follow the Penguin

    Click the video for a story about a Penguin, a Beauty Queen and her search for a Crownfish. It's a commercial for Samsung, but seems to be selling only an imaginative mind.. strangely spooky and cool.

    Believe In Reincarnation

    A serious message presented beautifully

    Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
    Agency Location: Warsaw, Poland
    Creative Director: Max Olech
    Art Director: Bożena Ślaga
    Copywriter: Radek Kotapka

    Sloth Mom and Babe

    Hello there!

    Don't you have a sweet little baby? Can we see the baby?

    You're still cute :)

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    Spooky Saturday, Fragile Sea

    The Two Towers

    I'm inclined to believe the scientific proof...:)

    It's a Towering issue. Leaning toward one side or the other?

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    "Ha Ha I'm leanin' more I'm leanin' more!"