The Lovers the Dreamers and Me..

Go onto the New Year with this song in your heart :)

Have Fun and Happy New Year

Celebrate the New Year!
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It's already 2009 in some parts of the world! Have a great New Year and may all your wishes and dreams come true!

Happy New Year!


Two-fur Good Luck! Meishan!

From the BBC! "Two Meishan piglets at the Tierpark zoo in Berlin, Germany
A zookeeper in Berlin holds two Meishan piglets. The pig is a traditional German symbol for good luck at the start of a new year."

Einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!

Two-fur Tuesday, Sisters Playing

Sisters Playing
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"It's Two-fur Tuesday!"
"Okay! Okay!"
Go have an uplifting Tuesday! :)


When in San Diego, EAT HERE :) :)

Pierre's Place
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Pierre's Place 2
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Eat! :) Bring joy to worthwhile people

A classmate of mine is the director of an amazing program for homeless teens in San Diego. It gives them an education, self esteem and job skills, along with an appreciation for music and the arts.

Pierre's Place is a gorgeous cozy place with great food that will help raise money for them and also teach admin skills for running a business. So you know you love to eat great food- go here whenever you are in San Diego.

Make your tummy happy and help fund the future of homeless teens who just want to be a part of the world and live good lives and get a great education.

Two Apes

Two Apes
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So cool looking! The photographer says:
"A pair of golden lion tamarins (I think). Zoolights, National Zoo, Washington, DC."


Love a sprout? Not everybody does, read of the plight HERE of unwanted sprouts and other assorted objects... :)

Monkey Monday, Baby Dayo

Baby has a busy schedule today!

But there is always time for a nap :)

Dad is happy Mom has it all taken care of.. :)
Happy Monkey Monday!



That Santy Look

So yesterday a guy was seen flying about in a sleigh and some creatures have adopted the look. It's a new fashion trend! :)

"I'm naturally Santy looking!"

"Me too, well mostly :)"

"I wanna try!"

The Santy Look, you're doing it wrong.. but you still look cute!


Unusual Christmas Caroler...

Unusual Christmas Caroler...
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A little after-dinner fun for later- Guess That Song!
Hope you are having a happy day :)
(Thanks Donna!)

Guess That Song...

Can you guess the true titles of these seemingly alien Christmas songs? Answers are at the bottom! Don't peek....

1. Bleached Yule
2. Castaneous-colored Seed Vesicated in a Conflagration
3. Singular Yearning for the Twin Anterior Incisors
4. Righteous Darkness
5. Arrival Time: 2400 hrs - Weather: Cloudless
6. Loyal Followers Advance
7. Far Off in a Feeder
8. Array the Corridor
9. Bantam Male Percussionist
10. Monarchial Triad
11. Nocturnal Noiselessness
12. Jehovah Deactivate Blithe Chevaliers
13. Red Man En Route to Borough
14. Frozen Precipitation Commence
15. Proceed and Enlighten on the Pinnacle
16. The Quadruped with the Vermillion Probiscis
17. Query Regarding Identity of Descendant
18. Delight for this Planet
19. Give Attention to the Melodious Celestial Beings
20. The Dozen Festive 24 Hour Intervals







1. White Christmas
2. Chestnuts Roasting over an Open Fire
3. All I want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth
4. O Holy Night
5. He came upon a Midnight Clear
6. O Come All Ye Faithful
7. Away in a Manger
8. Deck the Halls
9. The Little Drummer Boy
10. We Three Kings
11. Silent Night
12. God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman
13. Santa Claus is Coming to Town
14. Let it Snow
15. Go Tell it on the Mountain
16. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
17. What Child is This
18. Joy to the World
19. Hark the Herald Angels Sing
20. The Twelve Days of Christmas

What a festive puppy

what a festive puppy
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Hope you have been having a Happy Hanukkah too! :)

"I don't need a list - you've ALL been naughty"

"I don't need a list - you've ALL been naughty"
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AH! So you found out.. well can we get some presents anyway? :)

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
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Hope Santy Paws brought you everything you wished for! :)
Poor poor Santy, get some rest now! :)


Happiest Dog in the Universe!

Happiest Dog in the Universe!
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Do you know a happy animal? Take some pictures!

From Anna Dove of the New York Bird Club

Dr. Jonathan Balcombe is writing a pictorial book to be published around late 2009 by the University of California Press.

This volume will feature high-quality photo images of animals in pleasurable contexts: Play, Food, Touch, Love, Comfort, Companionship, Euphoria, etc. The book will be a celebration of the rich experience of animals (both wild and domesticated). And following on the message of his book Pleasurable Kingdom, readers will see that their lives, like ours, are worth living.

For more information on Dr. Balcombe's work or Pleasurable Kingdom, please see the websites below.

If you have or plan to take any animal photos that you think might be suitable for this project, please contact:

Jonathan Balcombe
202-686-2210 x331

"What's a Book?"

She's so cute!!
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Wee Wednesday, Dreaming of Christmas morning

Dreaming of Christmas morning
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It's almost here little baby!
Have a Happy Christmas Eve! :)


Alix and Child
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The first ghost story I wrote.. Alix
Anytime is a good time for a ghost story! :)


Two-fur Tuesday, Forage!

From the BBC

"Kuchani the lioness explores presents filled with food as part of Sydney zoo's efforts to teach animals to forage for their food."

A skill every child seems to acquire naturally when foraging for gifts Christmas day! See we are not so different from the animals! Get your foraging skills warmed up everybody it's almost time! :)


Purple Pete's Peculiar Pelt

Well whatever made the poppet Pete purple, it has made him a lil' local legend. Hope he keeps it- wouldn't that be cute, a whole race of purpley pelts. Pete's just a rebel! :)

Some residents of a southern English town have gone a little nutty trying to figure out why a local squirrel has purple fur, reports Britain's Metro.co.uk.
Dr. Mike Edwards, an English teacher at Meoncross School in Stubbington, Hampshire, first saw "Pete" the squirrel outside his classroom and was surprised at the critter's strange-colored fur. "When you look up close, it's an all-over coat, not in patches like you'd expect if it had been paint. It's an absolute mystery," he said.

Read all about him here !

Thanks Rick!

Monkey Monday, Snow Shelter

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Aww these two guy monkeys made sure this baby was safe and warm from the snow. Have a warm Monkey Monday! :)


Something that made me smile :)

Pippin at the parade
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I recently found out a local fashion designer named one of her fashions after my dog Pippin who passed away 4 years ago. She showed it to me in her boutique. 4 years later and people still remember her, she was one of those dogs that was more like a human than a dog. She had an amazing spirit and soul now off in heaven being a great angel doggy.

Pippin Cardigan
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Pippin Cardigan 2
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Jill Anderson

I'll see you again one day Pippin :)

pretty Pippin
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Fire Maiden

Please come read story I just posted called "Fire Maiden"
click the photo
Fire Maiden



Do you see something ?

#2: Do you see something ?
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Thumper Thursday turns into Fakey Friday... so here we have a purple rabbity thingy? :) Oh well ..
Have a great day!


Thumper Thursday, Rawr

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Up and att'm.. okay maybe in a few more minutes snoozing..
:) Have a great Thursday!


Wee Wednesday, Wee Baby Hippo

Another great lil' hippo in the world. This cutie also needs a name. Visit the Berlin Zoo here, suggest a name!