When you feel sad, watch this :)

The prescription for happiness is a baby's laugh

Thank you Christel!

Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue..


Sad Panda..

Awww I hope your Monday was better than Sad Panda's.. poor Panda!!
Click for Sad Panda's recent sighting..

Thanks Rick!

Boxed In

Monkey Monday, I've got a what on my back?

HUH!!!..I've got a what on my back???
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Whooaa! Hold on baby!!!
Hope you are having a great day! Just hang in there :)


I See You, Blue

Composer Maurice Jarre

Maurice Jarre

Your music was beautiful, thank you. RIP

Misty Day Today, NYC

One of my favorite places Forbidden Planet :)


A Perfect Circle

NYC Earlier Today

Jub Chai for Lunch :)

Spooky Saturday, Fruit Bat feeding baby

Fruit Bat (Peters’ Epauletted Bat) feeding baby
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Every baby needs a hug!
Hope you have a great day!


Fakey Friday, Calorie-free Cookies!

Miniature food for Dollhouse - Cookie Preparation Board!
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Click the picture to see all the other wonderful goodies this artist makes to taunt you :) mmmm


Lots of Lemon Tonight NYC

At 7A tonight (corner of Ave A and 7th East Village of course :) ) As Rick said, finally someone who knows what "lots of lemon" means :)
Veggie Burger, french fries or the salad with carrot dressing recommended!


Thumper Thursday, Bunbun line-up

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Line up if you're a sleepy faced baby bunny!
Okay thank you, now back to naps :)
Hope you are having a relaxing Thumper Thursday!

Malan Breton's Fashion Show Last Night!

Malan Breton's Fashion Show at Splash Bar March 25 2009 Alex Simon Malan
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Gorgeous fashion and people :) Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen stars of the Bravo TV show The Real Housewives of New York City were in attendance. It was a beautiful night for all :)
Click here for the set on Flickr :)

Malan Breton's Fashion Show at Splash Bar March 25 2009 1876



Wee Wednesday, What Town is This?

What is small but also the biggest in the world? Read this ... then
click here to visit :)