Monkey Monday, Thinking of Baby

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"Now where did I leave that baby??" :)
Hope you had a great happy-thought filled Monday!


East River State Park, Williamsburg Brooklyn right now

Thanks Rick!
(Our home is tucked over to the left on the Empire State Bldg side a few blocks from the water :) )


Spooky Saturday, Tarsier Eyes

Winking Tarsier
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Sing along.. (To the tune of "Bette Davis Eyes")
"You've got Bitty Tarsier Eyes"

They are so cute... or ARE they???

Have a great eyes wide open day!



Back in the third grade our teacher said we were acting like animals when we danced around to this song. Our classmate Debbie (who was a trained child dancer and had been in a commercial) was onstage in the school talent review and as we later found out danced against her parents wishes to this song. All of us knew she could dance since she would practice on the playground. I wonder now if this was her secret to keep her parents from knowing she was teaching herself these modern animal (lol) dance moves. I remember her performance to this song so clearly to this day. Debbie I forget your last name now.. but I hope some Broadway star named Debbie is you. This was my first favorite Jackson 5 song, and the "era" of Michael I like to remember him in. Check out those robot moves, they really were ahead of their time. For all his flaws and scandals as he grew I choose to remember him like this, so talented and full of music and life. Rest in Peace Michael.


Wee Wednesday, Dog Attacks Dinosaur!

Okay a very tiny toy dino.. but still! Oh and it's not really an attack, it's more like a jig around it with a few swipes thrown in... but still! Pooch is just keeping the world safe from a dino invasion! :)

Those little dinos might bite a toe or something! Got to keep the skills up!


Brooklyn Over the Weekend :)

Rick rode the bike around to cool areas of Brooklyn over the weekend, including me and Pippin's old haunt the Boathouse and the infamous green colored pools (seeming solid on top to doggy eyes..). My girly dog Pippin twice tried to walk out on 2 different pools, one was to try and chase some swans, and went into the water and came out a green soggy doggy. That is why these pools are "infamous!" Otherwise the Boathouse is a sweet serene spot in Prospect Park. Brooklyn still has funky old neighborhoods that even though they have crumbly edges are still vibrant.

I am working on a big art project in between all the many other things life throws so I apologize for a slow-down in HLD posts. I will be back! :)

Thanks Rick for the beautiful pix! (Click for bigger views)


Happy Father's Day, father & son

father & son
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Hope all you good dads out there have a wonderful day! Hope all the ties you get aren't too ugly ;)


Portrait of a flying fox

Portrait of a flying fox
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"I feel pretty.. oh so pretty!"
Yes your wings are fabulous dear! :)

Spooky Saturday, Baby Sloth :)

baby sloth
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It's always a good time for a little Sloth!


Fakey Friday, A Robot Monkey on Your Shoulder!

No not a monkey on your back, a monkey on your shoulder! A wee robot monkey created by Nick Donaldson of Got Robots?, who sits there looking cute, doing cute things, making you look cuter 'cause he's there looking cute. I want one.. :)

Maybe two- one can be dressed like an Angel the other a Devil lol :)


Bunnies In Space!

Bet you didn't know the important role in space travel that bunnies played.. I didn't.. but there it is in black and white, with a verry dramatic song, so it must be true! :)

Buuunniiieeezzzz in spaaayyyycee, the song is now going through my head!

Thumper Thursday, Tiny Baby Bunny

Baby Bunny
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Just a tiny chocolate bonbon of a bebe bunbun.
Have a sweet day full of tiny surprises!


New Born Baby Deer Rescue

I am so thankful for people like this in the world.

"Late in the evening a friend knocked on our door with a new born baby deer in her arms, not more than an hour old..."

I hope he does go back to see them one day.

Wee Wednesday, Rescued baby Hedgehog

Rescued baby Hedgehog
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Aww hope all you babies are doing well in your new home! :)
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

"My friend called a local vet (who's a friend of her's) for advice and filled a large lidded container with warm water and snuggled the 3 babies into place above it which helped to warm them up. By the time the vet called in to collect them they were looking a lot less ill and were showing signs of life - they've now been re-homed at a local Hedgehog sanctuary/rescue centre."


Hexachordal, A Boy, his Game Boy, and some Little Words

Truly beautiful, melancholy, sad and lovely.

Here is the original, what a wonderful song.

via Youtube and @trent_reznor's twitterstream


Kitten Power Plum Fairy Ninja!

A new puff ball take on the classic.. much bonk power! :)

The View from Vas' Roof right now, Brooklyn NY

Thanks Rick! :)


National Pigeon Day, June 13th!

Today is National Pigeon Day, come join the fun in Central Park. Read up on all the details here.
Pix from last year's NPD here! I have rescue pigeons as pets

and they are fun wonderful birds! They deserve better than the ill-informed and untrue reputation they have gotten.

Urban Pigeons - HBW!
Originally uploaded by Wee-Peng: Away on holiday, back on end may.

The day is dedicated to the hero pigeon who saved The Lost Battalion. Read all about Cher Ami here!

Spooky Saturday, Cuddle Owl

Oh yeaahhhh I'll give you one.... weeek to stop that! :)
Have a scratchy scritchy in just the right spot Saturday!

(I luv his little chc-ch-ch voice!)


Williamsburg Brooklyn, Yesterday Eve

Man-made Misty Mountains.
From East River Park

Thanks Rick


Central Park West and 69th Street, right now

I love winding pathways that lead into trees.. Thanks Rick!

Weird Kid Starts Huge Dance Party

The interesting question asked by this YouTuber is.. when would you have jumped in? :)

An even closer look at the action. They would have gotten dance-trampled if they hadn't moved! :)

I was curious about the song too (no I have never heard it before!) and here it is live a few days later:

A wonderful time was had by all.


Baby Pangolin, Rescued, Revived, Refreshed

And re-homed! The mean streets of Bangkok are no place for a baby, thank you to the people who brought this spooky sweetie in to safety and care.

From the BBC
"A Thai zoo official feeds a baby pangolin on Tuesday at the Dusit Zoo in Bangkok, Thailand. The animal was handed over to the zoo when villagers found it abandoned on a road on the outskirts of Bangkok." (AP photo / June 9, 2009)

For more Pangolin fun click here and here!


Hamster in a Video Game

It's already my favorite game, and I don't have to do anything!

Go Hammy Go!

via Milk and Cookies

Nora the Musical Cat Takes Center Stage

Some may enjoy the pop stylings of Keyboard Cat, but others might have a slightly more classical taste in music. I give you Nora, already a star, but now her talents have been taken to new musical heights.

The BBC reports that Lithuanian conductor Mindaugas Piecaitis has composed a four-minute "CATcerto" for the Klaipeda chamber orchestra starring, The Piano Playing Cat Nora. Click here for the full report and video. Read Nora's blog here and keep up to date on all her activities!

Tune in to this YouTube channel soon for the whole performance!

Her music has a lilting rainy day feel, sure to get a purrrr from any creature human or furry.

Briefly Explain Hard Water?

Hmmm well, yeah, I can see that.. you are still getting a big red X though :)
(nice try!)

via Humor Archives

A B C Drawers

Kent and London has created a beautiful way to get organized.
"Inspired by vintage printing blocks, this beautifully finished chest of 26 drawers is made from solid oak - the perfect place to file everything from A-Z!"

Although I think there might be some confusion over which drawer to put your drawers in.. undies, panties, boxers and briefs, tightie whities.. but "S" for socks is a simple one :)

via Swiss Miss

Monkey Monday, Baby monkey close up

Baby monkey close up
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The closer the cuter, what a sweet little face and those tiny big ears! Yes tiny and big at the same time :)
Have a great Monkey Monday!

Kitty Powered Jacuzzi

This prototype is adorable but still in need of adjustment.. :)


Rest In Peace Pretty Boy, Mayor of East 7th Street

I am happy to say I knew this kitty, hugged him, petted him many times when we'd go to Mikey's pet supply shop. He was a great big calm dignified kitty (even when being lifted by kids who didn't even seem to be as big as he was!), and a sweet furry ambassador of the streets. He is probably already "up there" taking charge of a section of the afterlife that needed some representation and putting in a good word for the East Village. We loved you Pretty Boy! This wonderful tribute was in The Villager today (Thanks Rick!).

Pretty Boy, the Mayor of E. 7th, is mourned; He was one cool cat
By Albert Amateau

It has been said that a person whose daily routine is predictable is a person of great character. The story goes that neighbors of the 18th-century philosopher Emanuel Kant in Königs-berg, East Prussia, would set their watches by his comings and goings. Down in the East Village, residents and people whose business brought them to Seventh St. between Avenue A and First Ave. had their own lodestar, a white cat named Pretty Boy who walked the south side of the street for more than 20 years.

Pretty Boy died on Tues., May 19, leaving a small hollowness for those who had felt his inescapable presence.

It’s impossible to say who owned Pretty Boy. The white cat walked into Mikey’s Pet Supply store at 130 E. Seventh St. in 1988 and made it his home base on the block, where the cat became known as The Mayor of Seventh St.

Michael Diaz, operator of Mikey’s Pet Supply for the past several years, said Pretty Boy slept at the store but hung out mostly at Salon Seven, the hair salon at 110 E. Seventh St. run by Mark Dolengawski.

“Pretty Boy loved Mark, that’s where he spent the most time,” said Diaz. “Sometimes he walked over to 7A, the restaurant at the end of the block in the evening and would sit in the sidewalk cafe watching people eat. Some of the customers at 7A loved him but some did not,” Diaz said.

At Salon Seven, there were a couple of photos of the white cat on a shelf last week and a vase of more than a dozen creamy white tulips. A 6-year-old girl who lives next door had been bringing fresh white tulips to the salon since Pretty Boy died the week before.

“She liked Pretty Boy so much she went out on Halloween like Pretty Boy all in white,” Dolengawski said.

He recalled that Pretty Boy was a great favorite of supers on the block who worked out of a basement office and watched the cat walk by.

“One of them said, ‘I wish I had a cool walk like that.’ It really was a cool walk, especially as he got older, it was a Zen-like stroll. It was so serene. I like to think of him as my sensei — my Zen master. I hope to be as cool and serene as that when I get old,” said Dolengawski, who is 55.

Amy Gross, owner of two cats and until last week a resident of the block, learned of Pretty Boy’s passing several days after the death when Diaz told her about it.

“He told me that Herbie, the other cat in the store, had stopped eating for a few days,” Gross said. She recalled that a few years ago a member of a crew filming on Avenue A asked her about “that white cat that walks around like he owned the place.” She told him the cat was the mayor of the block.

When Pretty Boy first came to the block, Dolengawski recalled, they took him to the vet for a checkup.

“The vet said he was between 1 and 1 years old. That would make 22 or 23 years old when he died,” Dolengawski said.

“We’re getting his ashes from the vet sometime this week,” Dolengawski said. “We might scatter them on the block where everyone knew him. I think he was a karmic blessing, he came in here and made everyone feel good.” via The Villager

Happy National Donut Day!

Here in the US it's National Donut Day!
Read all about it.. then go get one :)

Fakey Friday? Baby Anteater!

This baby is so cute and yes real! He or She just looks unreal.. but really adorable!

Welcome to the world little Ant-eatin' baby!

Craft Fail, They Feel Your Pain

Craft Fail!

"Maybe I should’ve measured my dog first? Measure then sew? What a concept. Looks like I need to give this dog coat away to a friend who has a smaller dog than I.
This is definitely a craft fail."

Ever try to knit a blankie that becomes a geometric cat bed? A hat that becomes a veil? A lumpy scarf that goes on and on? Join the blog. You'll be amongst friends.. crying over strange animal-ish looking snacks while pondering the evil mushroom cloud shape in the handmade soap. With Craft Fail, you don't need to hide in shame anymore!

"Felted Frankenstein Bear"
Somebeardy needs a hug!

Thanks Aspen Morrigan!


Kitten Ninja in Training!

What else could it possibly be? :)

Once he learns how to get airborne with those moves WaTcH OuT!! :)

The Absence of A

Where was the letter "A" that day? Maybe here or there, and by its absence a poem was made.

Thumper Thursday, Baby Bunnies

Baby Bunnies
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I said I wanted a basket of biscuits not bunnies! I can't nibble on these, although they can nibble on me.
Have a warm fluffy day! :)


Wee Wednesday, Chiquita's Strength and Honor!

And in this corner, wearing black.. Chiquita the Fighting Banana!

Chiquita flexed for battle, because the tiny Titan saw her friend about to become a snack for a...

Originally uploaded by Protection Island.

So Chiquita used her greatest weapon and.. well just watch :)
(after the commercial that is, but it's worth the wait! )
Embedded video from CNN Video

Have a weelly weelly wonderful day!

Pic by Omidog!


Danny MacAskill at Bike Radar Live

Danny Mac.. yes it's what all the cool kids call him now.. can ride a bike better than you can walk down the street. Okay.. certainly better than I can walk down the street :) Even caged between screaming fans he still flips and flies and amazes everyone.

*whispers* No.. no.. don't jump off that 14 foot RV!

Okay if you must! :)

If you weren't at the Bike Radar Live event this last weekend you can get a taste of it here.

Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version

"Ever wish songs just sang what was happening in the music video? Well now they do, in my sixth take on Dusto McNeato's "literal video" concept!"

No, I never wished for this, but sometimes you don't know what you want until you see it.. and yes I want this! :)

This video has it all, well, really depends on what you consider "all".. but a slo-mo dove, twirling ninjas, Fonzie clones and more.. that comes close to some sort of "all".
I bet you never knew this classic fave had so much going on.

Thanks Guy!
This is the original song and video just in case you *ahem* aren't "old" enough to have seen it.. you young whippersnappers! :)

Bee In Fashion

Click the last picture for a nice news story!