Monkey Monday, Tiny Monkey

Tiny monkey
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Halp he be steelin meee mini monkee!!
Actually nooo.. but it does look that way doesn't it? :)
Hope you had a wonderful Monkey Monday!! Don't steal no monkees!! :)


Sunrise Tint

Sunny Smile Sunday, Tunde, Snow beard

Tunde, Snow beard
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Can't make a snow angel? Make a snow beard! :)
Have cute Sunny Smile Sunday!


Spooky Saturday, Sloth and baby

DSC03124 Sloth and baby
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The cutest spookiest smiley faces! Momma loves her baby.
Hope you had a great Spooky Saturday! :)

Coming to Life 54

More Coming To Life


Coming To Life 53

More Coming To Life

Newborn Kitten with Message of Love

Kitten says "I Love Dot" in her fur.. and her mamma's name is Dottie!
"A California family says the unusual markings on one of their kittens, proves the kitty's love for its mother.
Take a close look at the side of the cat -- on its fur you can see the message "I Love Dot."
The family says the name of the kitten's mother is Dottie -- and the message of love is for her.
The unique kitten was one of a litter of six."

Read the news story and see the video here :)

More fun goodies...

++ Yudetama-Gokko ++
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Making boiled eggs even more fun than they already are! That is if you thought they were fun to begin with.. :)

Fakey Friday, Things Look Like.. Stuff :)

How come pretty things like these aren't available right around the corner? Well you can get them from Minale-Maeda :) Maybe ask for a fresh ham n' cheese tablecloth though...

(l)"Plastic silverware cutlery set. Adding value to modern disposable cutlery by a reference to table culture."
(r)"Slices of bread, ham and cheese sewed into tablecloth. Cross over of food and clothing. Sewing is a technique of clothing translated into food."

"Lace tablecloth ceramic transfer and laser engraving on simple dishes and cutlery. Adding value through a reference to food culture."

"Delfts porcelain pattern toasted on sandwich. Fast food has no dish. Food can carry the dish instead of eating without dish"

"Place mat, plate, knife and fork decorated by connecting lace pattern marking proper setting. Silk-screening, ceramic transfer and engraving."

"Simple furniture upholstered by silk brocade."


Odin thinks he's a Bunny

odin thinks he's a bunny
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"You said I could be in Thumper Thursday if I wore the ears.. you didn't say where I had to wear them.."
Well they look cute there too :)

Thumper Thursday, snout of Pig and ear of Bunny

snout of pig and ear of bunny
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..and ever sooo cute!
Have a super Thumper Thursday! :)


For Rick :)


Wee Wednesday, All Seven:).

All Seven:).
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I don't think you can all run in the wheel at once.. but you sure look cute trying! :)
Have a wonderful Wee Wednesday!

Shooting Star


Velvet twins

Velvet twins
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"What is Art? I don't know about bad art, but good art is easy to recognize dahling!" :)

Two-fur Tuesday, Two of a Different Kind

Hope you have a double delightful day :)