Brilliant Beasts, Pigeon Genius

Pigeon Genius
Pigeon Genius? This is Fakey Friday stuff.. not. This is Factual Friday fare :) If you are curious check out this show on the National Geographic Channel.
Brilliant Beasts
Sunday, March 16th - 9 pm
Also showing on the following dates:
17 March, 1.00am
19 March, 8.00pm
20 March, 7.00am
23 March, 3.00pm
26 March, 11.00am
Brilliant Beasts will scientifically investigate some of our best-known creatures. We put them under the microscope and test their abilities to the limits. These are creatures we think we know and we come into contact with them frequently, often in bizarre ways. We take these human interaction stories and bust apart how they happened. We deconstruct the abilities of the animals and find out what it was they were trying to do when they met with us instead.

Click here to read about it on the People For Pigeons Blog

Professor Pigeon
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"Researchers studying pigeons have learned that they can read all of the letters of the alphabet and they read them in a way similar to people. Scientists became convinced that pigeons see the world in much the same way as we do when they discovered that pigeons tend to confuse the very same letters that people do. What's more, it took only four months for pigeons to learn to distinguish all the letters of the alphabet. For years pigeons have been used to spot and reject defective items on assembly lines, where they have better records than human beings."
Harvard Psychologist Dr. B.F. Skinner, Ph.D. Studies of Pigeon Intelligence

Happy Leap Year Day!

Happy Leapies! :)
With a lil' Fakey Friday thrown in :)


Wear a Sweater Day for Mr Rogers March 20th!

March 20th is Sweater Day to honor Mr Rogers on what would have been his 80th Birthday.

Check out this cute video for more info and hope you will be my neighbor? :) (Sorry about the typo b4!)

"March 20th is Sweater Day to honor the achievements and incredible effect on ourselves and our kids of Mister Rogers.
Please go find your inner child, inform your own kids or grandkids regardless of age and dig out a sweater to honor Mister Rogers.
The quiet demenanor, educational programming that was so subtle you didn't even know you were learning a lesson are a treasured memory. Please remember to honor Mister Rogers by wearing your most favorite,comfortable sweater on March 20th.
Thanks Julian!

Wear your Sweater! :)

"Dear HLD"..

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"Please make a Turtle Thursday sometime. Thank you"
We can fit you in today in fact! :)

Thumper Thursday, Chmurka & Bunny

Chmurka & Bunny
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*slaps tiny paw down*
"Can I be in Thumper Thursday now?"
Why yes you and your fuzzy friend are welcome! Hope everybody has a great Thumper Thursday! :)


Cogs and Wheels have been on my mind in a nice way as I have just yesterday become an "official" little cog in the business machine. My Tax ID number came and I am an official biz "owner"!


Circling Blue

Two-fur to Wee, Assorted Gulls

Assorted Gulls
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"Hey it's not Two-fur Tuesday anymore I can be in this shot!"
Yes it's Wee Wednesday now.. hope it's more than a wee bit wonderful! :)


On Its Way :)

Smoke features
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The packages are on their way.. :)
Of course it's not the final packaging, or the final stick colors, this is just for you guys, and if you like "Sun" and can write me a little blurb to use on my future Ember Heart website it would be wonderful. Email me at xnmerry@gmail.com *HUG*

Snowy Heart

Monkey Monday, Back in the box

Back in the box
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World class amazing cuteness.. Click this picture to check out this baby's whole photo set!
Hope your Monkey Monday was as sweet and wonderful as this tiny baby! :)


Smiling Skater :)

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LOL She is good too! This is what the photographer says :)
"Trained one of my geckos to skate.. shes better than me already!"

Coming to Life 47

More Coming To Life

Sunny Smile Sunday, Content

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Yes very content looking smiling and at one with nature.. quite literally he looks like the gorgeous rolling hills he is relaxing on!
Hope you are having a wonderful day!