Mice-like Mice

I love mice, I have some as pets.. even a couple of this breed :)


Barrel Racing?!

Never knew of this intense sport! I was amazed such skill and speed

Dolls also do this, and as you can see it's dangerous!

And now it seems humans are copying them!!!

GO Cowgirl and Horse GO!

Rainbow Peacock

Thank you Annakim Violette for sharing the last video. All of the dancers are deaf, and create an amazing work of art in movement.



The Butterfly Circus, Hope and Beauty in All Forms

A beautiful film, thank you to my friends on Facebook for posting this.


Steps to Happiness...

..Should Lead to Happiness Not Jail

Why do the colors of one girl's lavender stairs (that have been that way for years) bother someone so much that she might go to jail if she does not paint over them? Why should ONE person be able to control the actions of another in their own home? Read Annakim Violette's story here, it is an issue of creativity and control. Would you like ONE person to force you to change the way your home looks because they didn't like it? How much is someone truly harmed if they see a bit of color on a stairway as they pass by? It's a scary thing to think that someones dull conformity can put a creative person in jail because they are not dull conformists like themselves. It's not just about stair color, it's the scary spectre of freedom of expression being removed just because one person doesn't like what you do with it.


Sand Cat and Sand Cat Kittens, your new Cute Overlords

Cuteness and More Cuteness teh cuteniss iz ovrpowawing

um omg the ears the faces the...!11!! Sand Kitten Power! :)

Precious Pooch Pampers Passel of Poppets

Perfect! :)


With Teddy

Move Over Monorail Cat...

Monorail Gecko is ready to roll!

Thank you Jillian Otts, this is her wonderful looking baby!
"This is my pet crested gecko. Her name is Elizabeth but we all call her Lizzie. She is the shweetest thing in the world and i love her so much."



Thank you Drew


Martin Luther King Jr

"Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that."-- MLK, Jr. from "Strength to Love."


Rescue Dogs Ready to Help in Haiti

Rescue dogs are seen in their enclosure before leaving for Haiti at the Torrejon military airbase in Torrejon de Ardoz, Spain, Wednesday Jan. 13, 2010. Firefighters without Borders, the International Red Cross and other aid groups said they are preparing a major disaster relief effort in Haiti after a powerful earthquake struck the capital. (AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza)

For updates later on the welfare of Haiti's animals log on here

Haiti Earthquake: IFAW Emergency Team on Alert

IFAW’s Emergency Relief team is on high alert to help in Haiti after a devastating earthquake struck near the capital of Port-au-Prince on January 12.

As always with disasters like this, the humanitarian rescue efforts will be the focus in the first week or so. The immediate priorities will be getting food, clean water, shelter and medical attention to the survivors.

After those immediate human needs are met, IFAW's Emergency Response team will be ready to assist the animal victims in any way that we can. In the meantime, please keep the people and animals of Haiti in your thoughts.


Help for Haiti

For many useful links for donating monetary help please log on to LeVar Burton's Twitter, and Twitter's Search Function, and for news updates log on to the auto-refresh news page on the BBC. Anything will help Haiti in this tragic time.


Playing on the snow

Playing on the snow
Originally uploaded by mochida1970.

I hope you are having a day like this :)

Click through for the whole amazing Snow Monkey set. Thanks Drew


I'm Pouncin' HERE!

Poor kitten goes through all that trouble for that scary attack and the pooch, did the pooch even know the danger he was in? Can someone wake him up so he knows how dangerous this is? Umm hello! :)


Can Pinocchio Come Out and Play? Things Look Like Humans

What is real?

Will we one day create a Robot who is "real"?

Read here...


adventure time
Originally uploaded by katelyn*.

Rest in Peace Art Clokey, creator of the immortal Gumby

Bullying a Baby?

Awww so cute... :)

Beautiful lesson to remember when we are trying to kill each other. We all live on this one little rock. We are all one thread- none of you folks came from another planet. We ARE all related.

Hardcore Rooster!

Be glad this guy doesn't live next door :)

The supportive clucking his lady friends gave him went to his head so he went and wrote a song using the same line... ;)

He wants his Grammy now! :)


An Unlikely Love

Such a cute couple :)
"Someone in Harrisburg took these the deer comes to visit each morning. A definite AWWWWWWW moment, eh?"
I agree!

Thank You Graciaella!

Just Ducky!

Happy Birthday Pam! :)



A Kitten in a "Little Devil" Sweater

Face it, anytime is a good time for a sweater wearin' rompin' kitten with grumpy fluffy parents looking on.. :)

It's National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day :)

It's National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day! Go out and partake thereof... feel free to experiment in it's many forms..