The Golden Age of LP Covers, LPlover's Blog

Just a couple of pictures from Lplover's visually wonderful blog. I wish that you could click the pictures and have the music they are advertising play (scratchy fuzzy vinyl needle pops and all..)!

Tell a bunch of finely dressed people to strike a happy pose and this is what you'd get. Within reason of course, can't get too crazy there you kids! Zowie!

Hey look, an awkward family photo as an album cover! I wonder where they are now? Is their hair still that big? Do they still match?

Shimmy on over to Lplover and reminisce over a lost world of vinyl records and real full sized "album covers". Yes I know many bands today that had LPs are still around.. but this seems to focus on a truly lost world. Too bad so much of this great old music is gone, out of curiosity I might like to know what Mr Pincus' take on Happy Music is.. :)

via Even Cleveland

Wave Fun, or Madness?

Some people will do crazy things just to get that wavy wavy feeling..

In this wave pool you can't even see the water!

In this one.. it's not even a "wave pool", it's the swimming pool on a cruise ship in rough seas in Antarctica!

I guess people will always enjoy those things since not many can do this...

Japan wave pool via Milk and Cookies

Sunny Smile Sunday, Put a Smile on Your Face

Put a Smile on Your Face
Originally uploaded by *Rumba*.

I'd say that's a sunny smile, mixed in with a LOL
Have a smilol day!

Not a Killer Robot, a Kauzbot!

Not all robots want to take over the world, these want to help it. Every one of these robots helps a different cause. When you buy one, 10% of their price is donated to the organization they represent, and you in return, get a new cuddly friend.

So if you have ever wanted to have your own robot and help a worthy cause, you can do both at the same time. Click here, Kauzbots.com, to find out about all the Kauzbot gang and their Kauzes!

This is Kruz:

"*KRUZ is passionate about drilling water wells in developing countries.
*His Kause: Lifewater International – providing safe water, sanitation, and hygiene education to communities around the world.
*10% of the sale price from Kruz will be used to benefit the work of Lifewater International. To learn more about Lifewater and how you can help, visit www.lifewater.org

Watch the leader of the Kauzbots, Kalvin, donate a water well in India!

Kauzbots Donates First Water Well in India from David Trotter on Vimeo.

via notcot.org


Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk.. in Real Life

Someone's pops and his real-life LOL nearly brings the curtains down. You will also not be able to resist laughing.. really if you feel a bit down, let this roll.

Thanks Becky!

Dancing with the... Dogs? Keeper, Doggy Dance Champ!

Not only is Keeper, with his human partner Linda Farr, the reigning US World Canine Freestyle Champion, he is also a therapy dog that brings joy to people in hospitals. A young burn victim who would not look up, not only looked up, but smiled when Keeper danced for him and licked his face. This is a dog filled with happiness that also spreads it wherever he goes. Look for he and Linda in a new "Kibble Select" commercial.. doing the Tango!

Recession? Blondes to the Rescue!

Platinum blonde
Originally uploaded by piotr m.

Economic woes got your country down? Send in the Blondes! Marika Gidere of the Latvian Blondes' Association believes gathering 500 fair-haired females this weekend in Riga for golf, contests, a parade and more, may just be the bombshell they need to drop to pick up Latvian spirits. The BBC reports today that Latvia, home to 2.3 million people, is going through one of the most severe recessions in the European Union.

"People are depressed, they don't have enough positive emotions," she added.
"The economic situation is such that society needs these types of events," Ms Gidere continues, "And this is something very positive and fun. And we know that blondes have more fun."

Their motto is Make the World a Brighter Place... even as a brunette I hope their plan works. Read the whole article here on the BBC.

Originally uploaded by Heaven`s Gate (John).

"Are you blonde chicks ready to save the country? Let's go!"

Fakey Friday, Gummi-flauge

The New Bridge Chicks!

These babies have the best views in NY! Welcome to the world little fluffy Falcons! The photos are all by MTA workers.

They’re Bridge Chicks, and 5 Join the Falcon Flock
"M.T.A. Bridges and Tunnels has taken steps to accommodate the birds. At the Throgs Neck, the peregrine nesting box was moved from the 360-foot Queens tower to the Bronx tower during a 2007 painting project. “We have a good relationship with the falcons because we’re like absentee landlords,” said Ray Higgins, the maintenance superintendent at the bridge, said in a statement. “We set them up with a nice place to live and then try not to bother them.”

William McCann, a maintenance superintendent whom M.T.A. Bridges and Tunnels called “the keeper of the nest at the Verrazano,” said in a statement, “The falcons have been on this bridge longer than I have, and I’ve been here 28 years.”
Read all about the Bridge Chicks here!

Thanks Rick!


Film Looks Like Fact, Pixar's Up and Edith Macefield

The new animated Pixar film "Up" (opening Friday) starts as an echo of a real lady's life in Ballard Washington. Edith Macefield held her ground while her neighborhood was torn down and giant buildings went up around her. She even refused one million dollars to move and opted to live the rest of her life in her own home. The gentrifying construction was forced to leave her patch of old school neighborhood paradise intact.

Disney and Pixar honored her spirit and acknowledged her story's tie to the film.

The realities of high wind, concrete walls and balloon poppage kept the real life version from looking as dramatic as the film, but it was a nice thought. "Up" sounds like a fun new adventure, Edith would probably approve.

This story also reminds me of another character that refused to budge in the face of "progress"...

Thumper Thursday, Nora The Angora

Nora The Angora
Originally uploaded by beetrix.

Yes this is a real bunny. And Nora would like to say if you are going to stand there staring at least offer a carrot, or an ear massage.. something!
Have a full of fluffy fun day!


Style Your Garage

Ugly, unamusing garage inside and out? Okay these folks can't help with the mess on the inside, but they can perk up the looks of it from the outside. You will no doubt perk your neighbor's interest!

What a messy garage...
Originally uploaded by fotomanni.de.

Visit Style Your Garage!
"The days of boring garage doors are numbered! That’s because there are now photo tarpaulins for garage doors from style-your-garage.com!

You can go the traditional dream come true route..

or my fave- MEGA KITTEN!!

A lot more fun than painting the door!

via The Daily Dairy

Wee Wednesday, And Baby(?!) Makes Three!

This poppet is plump compared to the Pygmy Jerboa but such a tiny sweetie, and what a squeak!


Adorable Thingamajig Having a Wee Bath!

He's real! A Pygmy Jerboa!

A mini furball with legs, so tiny but such HUGE amounts of cuteness!

Thanks Elisabetta!

Two-year-old Pool Prodigy Keith O'Dell Jr.

Welcome a new Pool God! No not that cute lifeguard at your neighborhood pool, this little Pool Tot! He'll be on Rachel Ray in July and has already wow'd them in Vegas. He has also recently switched to a full sized table- standing on a chair to reach! A true rising Star, and adorable too!

via NY Daily News

Times Square After Broadway Closing

Times Square After Broadway Closing (47 of 171)
Originally uploaded by nickdigital.

I just love this.. no cars in Times Square! I have not been "up" there yet, but what a wonderful thing.

via Curbed, Thanks Rick!

Did You Get Enough Sleep?

No? Maybe you need a new bed. Some may succeed in improving your journey to dreamland better than others...


Cool Caravan!

Wow this is such a great caravan, or as some call it, a trailer home. This creation by Mehrzeller is not just cool for a trailer home but cool for any home! Beautiful design and full of modern comforts, I would go anywhere in this.

Hey then park it by a pool with this:

And when you are forced to head back to work after your long weekend, maybe you'll get a job here?

..okay getting carried away! :)

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Memorial Day 2009

This Memorial Day also remember the many hero dogs who served and saved lives over the years in the military. Service Dogs at home also help stop drug traffickers and sniff out bombs. They do this only for the love of the people they work with and nothing else. Check out these pages for more pictures and stories on hero dogs who served and are serving in the military.
  • K9 War Dogs History
  • K9 Wall of Honor
  • Monkey Monday, Hello

    Originally uploaded by irumge.

    Such a sweet little face your baby has mamma! Have a wonderful crinkly smile day :)


    Dream Big Wee Hammy, Dream Big!

    You have to kinda sorta give the piece of fluff credit for at least trying!

    This is also the way I eat pizza..

    via Land O Links

    Sloth in Jammies

    Sloth in Jammies
    Originally uploaded by smorton.

    "This little guy had the mange and had to be shaved - hence the outfit!"

    Don't worry little sweetie you'll get that furry coat back! Until then you look very cute in your jams :)
    Have a get well soon if you are feeling down kinda day!

    Sweet Little Treats

    How can you create these treats..

    ..and not pop them into your mouth?

    Miniature Chocolates #2
    Originally uploaded by PetitPlat by sk_.

    I guess you just have to resist temptation! Read more about this talented artist from Paris here, and see even more delish pictures here on Flickr.
    If you just can't get enough minis into your doll's diet, head over to this show in June!

    via Life Craftiness & Everything Else

    Shopping with Strays

    Shopping with Strays in Seoul
    I shop with my "stray" all the time. I know all the stores that allow pets and give up my money to them even if I have to walk a wee bit further. My great big hearted poodle boy was a former stray and is every bit the fun kind jiggly dog any other dog might be! If you want that furry BFF, head to your local shelter and find them waiting there for you :)

    "TV actress Kim Hyeon-ju, left, gives out free beverages to customers with formerly abandoned dogs during an event at E-Mart in Cheonho-dong, eastern Seoul, yesterday. The proceeds will be used to help rescued canines find new homes, the discount store said." via JoongAng Daily

    Spooky Saturday, Northern Lights Time Lapse

    Taken during one night in Norway, this is a hypnotic light show only Nature could create.

    via Photo & Video Log


    Houston and Ave B this Eve, NYC

    Finding the Chifferobe in Shocking Disarray

    Okay so it's never really in any kind of "array", but today it was extra-dis-arrayed. Why?
    Original findings..

    Curioser and curioser.. I don't own a plump furry striped scarf..

    mystery solved.

    The Palm Dog Awards!

    While humans vie for attention at the Cannes Film Festival, a special awards ceremony takes place in its palmly fringes. The "Palm Dog" awards canine accomplishment in film, it's the Oscar of pooch awards! Click the picture for all the news and info and see a gallery of past honorees.

    Who (or what!) is this year's winner? Click here!

    Photos by the BBC and Palm Dog