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For Indie, who took the last picture and inspires so many
Originally posted 9/28/07

Journey of the Pyramid, From the Archives

A story just for TLLT

Growing and Leaving

Tests of Mental and Physical Strength

Who Remains



The Chosen One

Originally posted 6/16/07


Tuesday Afternoon, Grand Street right now

Thanks Rick :)
Then suddenly I thought of the song, "Tuesday Afternoon" by the Moody Blues

Would have been amazing to see them like this on a small stage. Have a great day!


Just Breathe...

What made me think of lungs in the first place... :)


Your Moment of Cool, for Those in the Heat

Adorable doggies sliding in the snow :)

Found on Cent Hound!


"Slip Away" the Music Video by Kathryn Calder

Fuzzy Bunnies transcend time and space and have a last wonderful dance before one moves on. Remember the time we have together with joy. :)

My kitty assistant!

Found via PAPERMAG


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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Behind an Itty-Bitty Bridge

Adorable, click the pic to read all about it :)

Thanks Rick! :)

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