Whimsical Coral Garden

Whimsical Coral Garden - Progress
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Such fun things you can do with yarn! Undersea cuddlies!

Fake cat and real cat

Fake cat and real cat
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"Even my toy friends.. they are gorgeous!"

Patches of Blue

Fakey Friday, a Popular Look!

Golden curls are a popular look.. if you don't have them them just make them!

Fakey Friday? Darling my curls are natural!



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"It's all 'bout the hair!!"
Bunny-girl mullets rock :)

Head in the Clouds

Portrait with eye :)

Portrait with eye :)
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"Well hello there schweetheart!"
Bunny wants to be in films, something Bogart-like.. :)

Thumper Thursday, Arjun meets the Mighty Rat

Arjun meets the Mighty Rat (aka Neoko)
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Is this a new form of food warming? :) Have Happy Thumper Thursday!

Tatanka Ohitika



Coming to Life 30

Sweet Escape!

More Coming To Life

Hammock 'chillin

hammock mouse
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"Yeaahhp, wee wednesday is wonnderful! :)"

Earth Angel

A Sweet Wee Wednesday!

"Every Wee Wednesday should involve cuppy cakes!"
I agree! :) Have a wonderful day!

For a Moment in Time

..entangled in trees.

Thanks again Rick, for the Maritime Hotel picture (5) that sparked this sequence :)