Natural Beauty



I love jewelry that "rings" of the natural world. This one made me think of so many beautiful things. See it here and also support original artists on Etsy.

Guy Laliberté Goes to Space, The ISS is now B612 :)

That is how I will think of it while Guy is up there :)

He took the book The Little Prince with him to show he has fulfilled a childhood dream.

Watch the Launch footage here:

The Lion you see was given to him by his daughters so he would have a little bit of home plus it was there to signify when they reached zero gravity.

There was another reason why he went.. Tune in on October 9th:

One Drop Foundation

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Seward Park, Clinton St, LES, just yesterday, NY NY


Coming to Life 103

More Coming To Life

Still working on my big art project but it is believe it or not almost done! :)


RIP Mary Travers, Peter Paul and Mary

I always loved this song. Thanks Mary for all the wonderful music.
Blowing in the Wind

And of course, Puff The Magic Dragon :) (and so many more...)

BBC: US folk singer Mary Travers dies


Malan Breton Spring 2010 NY Fashion Week

A visual poem
It starts with quiet whispers

Malan Breton

and ends in a standing ovation.

For the complete set of pictures I took click here for my flickr :)

Bryant Park NYC Right Now :)

Thanks Rick!

RIP Patrick Swayze

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You made a lot of people happy, have fun dancing in the stars, tell Chris Farley hello :)

Edit, please click the comments to read a beautiful tribute to him from a personal friend of his. xn