Pro and Not-SO Halloween Pups! :)

Some pups LOVE it...

and some Pups.. not-so-much (beeg doggy laughing at you doesn't help much!)

Maybe dress him as a WOLF then he can feel HOWWWLLL-o-WEENISH! :)
Happy Halloween Everybody!!


Goodnight Rainbows

The Rainbows came to visit and then they said goodnight :)
Goodnight pretty LES Rainbows I hope to see you again sometime!


Then I watched them disappear..

Goodnight Rainbows from cmerry on Vimeo.

EDIT! Thank you CurbedNY for using my Rainbows :)

Click through and click the CurbedNY photo pool for more wonderful pix from NYC's Rainbow invasion yesterday :)

Another EDIT! Something cute, on the Youtube video of mine of this the first person to watch and comment is the Double Rainbow Meme King himself Hungrybear9562! Thanks DR Bear! :) The Famous Double Rainbow video, and a cute song remix!


What Buildings do for Fun ;)

IAC on a Lark

They drift here and there visiting friends..

Inspired by a fun post on CurbedNY


The Clouds, by Rick

The Clouds, by Rick
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This was yesterday the sky in front of our building, they reminded me of a flock of sheep :)

edit, Rick sent this just now!

The View in Yonkers, right now by Rick
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:) The trees are turning :)

NYC Subway Mosaic Art

It's one of the few things that can probably get a busy NYC commuter to slow down for a second, the mosaic art underground. Look around next time you are running for a train, it might be worth catching the next one just to look at these up close. I saw these last night. Truly beautiful.

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About them: There are 2 large wall sized pieces of artwork, one on each wall where the staircase exits and transfers are, and the artist for both glass mosaics is Ming Fay (2004). The Downtown side is titled "Shad Crossing" and details two giant shad fish "swimming", along with another wall mosaic of blue waters. In the late 19th century, these shad were found along the Hudson River when new immigrants came to New York, most of them settled on the Lower East side. The new staircase to the relocated F/T booth also has another painting of a shad wrapped around the bottom of the stairs. The Uptown side is titled "Delancey Orchard"; it has a cherry orchard tree mosaic, which symbolized the tree owned by the Delancey family in the 18th century. Along all staircases leading from the F line platforms to either fare control are miniature versions of these paintings (edit: They say "paintings" but they are large mosaics made to look like paintings :))
From Station Reporter
Check out this site for more beautiful mosaic works of art in NYC Subways :)

Hidden Chandelier and Good Evening!

Hidden Chandelier
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Thank you Curbed NY :)

Edit! And thank you CurbedNY again- this was posted for the evening news linkage:)

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The LES Tonight

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Finally got my camera to see in the dark :)
Have a wonderful night wherever you are!


Good Morning from The Lo-Down NY

Thanks for using my picture this is really wonderful :) I love that this shows from a corner in my new neighborhood a view of my old neighborhood, and Big Blue right in the middle.

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edit..From the Architect who designed this building! Thank you :)
Bernard Tschumi


Curbed NY Used My Photo! :) AGAIN!

Curbed NY used a picture I took last night for their morning news links post :)

Okay I know you pro-photogs are used to this but for me I get all happy and jump around. So bear with me... in fact I hope I never stop getting happy about stuff, gimme my walker and help me up when I am 120 and let me "jump" then too :)

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The Lower East Side NY Yesterday

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Just a nice walk about the neighborhood :) Hope you had a nice day too!

EDIT! The Lo-Down used this photo for their Good Morning post! THANK YOU :)


Playing with Thunder and Lightning on the Lower East Side

I was amazed on the night of 10/11/10 to see the lights in the sky going crazy and over a 20 minute period of time me and my little digi-cam recorded some of it.. truly beautiful storm show by Mother Nature.

Lights In The Sky 10/11/10 from cmerry on Vimeo.

This is also part of a song I co-wrote and sang, seemed appropriate for the scenery.. :)

I am Art of Day's Featured Artist Today! :)

THANK YOU "Art of Day" for making me today's featured artist! Click the box below to go to their beautiful site it's an honor being included.

Flora Maiden


Curbed NY Used My Photo! :)

I just saw it tonight :) THANKS Curbed NY :)

Thank you very much! :)

This was a part of my One Day On Earth 10/10/10 project :)
My flickr set, my video of it.

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One Day On Earth 10/10/10 Lower East Side NYC

One Day On Earth, 10/10/10 Lower East Side from cmerry on Vimeo.

This is my video I made for the One Day On Earth event, 10/10/10, on the Lower East Side, the part I live in so its really a day in my corner of Earth. I look forward to seeing all the videos as they come in since it was posted people were filming in every country on our planet yesterday. If they didn't have cameras they were sent to them and will be collected over the next 30 days. I know the lives of people are so different and I hope to see the good the bad, happy and sad- the real lives we live here on our blue marble. It will increase our understanding of our fellow humans, be aware of the happy stories and the stories that need help to find happiness. All of us live here, we need to know what the lives of others are like, this planet we share isn't really that big.
Hope you had a great 10/10/10 :)


Bike Polo in NYC

Their polo ponies were bikes, the biggest danger to onlookers was the ball rolling out of the park and a dog running off with it. I loved it, I wish I could have watched the whole game :) This was Sunday afternoon Oct/2/10 at Sara D Roosevelt Park at Broome and Chrystie.
Hey I just found their NYC Bike Polowebsite, cool!

And I found a NYTimes video on them too :)

SOHO and 'round about yesterday..

It was a nice day to run errands :)
See the whole flickr bunch here
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