Busy Bee Trickery! Happy Halloween :)

The Busy Bee Dogs get caught being tricksy for treatsys!!
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Storybook Wolf and the Fierce Kitty

The top prize winner in one of the most stunning photography competitions and then my personal favorite entry...

Winner of the prestigious Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2009 award

The image of a photographer's dreams
Mr Rodriguez won the Animal Portraits category and went on to win the top prize with this haunting image that the judges said captured the character of the wolf.

He hopes that his picture, "showing the wolf's great agility and strength", will become an image that can be used to show just how beautiful the Iberian wolf is and how the Spanish can be proud to have such an emblematic animal.

Winner of the Urban and Garden Wildlife category

Ryska the cat fiercely guarded her property
"The cat was really jealous about me. If I started to look at the animals she would attack them. Just like woman," he smiled.

"Maybe she thought I was her pet."

But the animals were curious about the area's new residents, and drawn by cooking smells from the cabin. The foxes in particular would visit every day. "When they came within 20m, that was her boundary and chased them. It was really funny - foxes were climbing trees to get away from the cat."

Read the whole article and see all the beautiful entries here.


Denver's Angel, Cancer survivor, 9, funds support dog for 2-year-old

You will cry but happy tears. Children should never be underestimated, and a lot, A LOT, of adults could learn a lesson about what is important on this floating pebble in space.

Cancer survivor, 9, funds support dog for 2-year-old
By Kirk Mitchell, The Denver Post
"After two years of surgery, chemotherapy and treatment for a brain tumor, 9-year-old Allison Winn wanted other kids with cancer to have a companion like her dog, Coco.

"She made me feel better," Allison said.

So when she regained her strength at the end of spring, Allison embarked on a fundraising campaign of her own invention to pay for feeding and training companion dogs for kids like her.

On Tuesday, in the lobby of the women's prison where Coco and the new dog were trained, she watched quietly, but intently, as 2-year-old cancer survivor Krysta Hubbard caressed the nose of Lucky Bug, a gentle black Labrador. Krysta affectionately called him "Puppy."

She has also raised enough money to buy two more dogs and hopes to start a dog biscuit fundraising company.

Read the whole article here.

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Washington Square Park, from The Kimmel Center

Washington Square Park as seen from the Kimmel Center right now :) Thanks Rick!


Happily Ever Over, Trailer

A holiday gift, I put sound and motion to my drawings to create an "animated" story. Full length coming soon! :)


Carl Sagan - 'A Glorious Dawn' ft Stephen Hawking (Cosmos Remixed)

Far Flung Frontiers.. our Future :)

Incredible song!

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Photographer Kyli Wolfson Raising Awareness about Dysautonomia

Kyli is reaching out through her YouTube channel to help others who might be scared and wondering why they are being told everything is "okay", when it's just the opposite. Please read her story and log on to her YT channel and pass this information along. You never know who may be out there that will see her brave story and be given new hope for a normal life.

""Unfortunately, there are so many patients right now that are undiagnosed and terrified," she said. "At its worst, it feels like you're dying, even though you look fine on the outside. It's an invisible disease. My hope is that through my YouTube channel, I can save a lot of people from the heartbreak I went through when I was undiagnosed and being told by doctors, 'You're perfectly fine. You can go home,' when my parents had to wheel me out of the hospital and carry me into bed." Kyli Wolfson in her interview with Scott Cronick Read the entire article here.




Happy Full Moon to all :)

Cookie Monster sings.. If Moon Was Cookie.. yes *sigh* :) love those ol' sesame street songs :)