Meet Charley

As reported and shared on Icanhascheezburger?
it's a great little video about a great little cat :)

meet charley -- a v cute cat with cerebellar hypoplasia. he's ok, however his motor skills don't work properly. if your animal shows these symptoms like charlie, ask your vet for more info!


Happy Monkey Monday!

Help Walter and Maggie and friends, log on to Primarily Primates and check out these wonderful people who help these wonderful monkeys! They say Walter once cared for stray puppies on a farm as a surrogate father to them, now people care for him so he can be safe and fed and happy! (he has his lady friend Maggie now too! :))


Taken Down by a girl!

Taken Down by a girl!
Originally uploaded by Michelle in Ireland.

Dog-pile on da poochie dog-pile on da poochie! Looks like a pile of happy :)

Sunny Smile Sunday!

militarization procession
Originally uploaded by veraecho.

"Mamma when da timer fing going off?"
"Mamma wen do we smile?"
Okay so maybe they are not smiling just yet, but they will make you smile :) Have a great Sunny Smile Sunday!

Coming to Life 5


Haiku 6

The Earth inspires.
Her children's minds spark into
Flames of creativity


Grim Rea-purr kitty

As LOL'd by the Cheezburger: "IZ SYKIK" and reported in the news: "Grim rea-purr: The cat that can predict death" this kitty is famous. Quite the combo of Spooky and Cute!

Muse-ical Landscapery

Muse-ical Landscapery

We float alone in a sea of space and here on our little stone there are similarities in the most diverse things, some hidden some not. Is it all a part of one big portfolio from one great mind who wanted to create a world, nay a so-called paradise that went wrong but still clings to some of its beauty? A massive landscape or in another eye a simple piece of bread, the same mind apparent.. alas will we.. HEY!!!!

You brat give me back my landscape! See now you are certainly not being very paradise-like I'm trying to be all deep here- give me back my muse! The Nerve! sheesh!

Eeek a Shark!

Eeek a Shark! LOL

Oooggaa boogaa I am soo scared! :)

"Amusing.. come here and show me those pictures, in person"
Uh oh... :(

Baby Sloth Sweetie

Originally uploaded by skateb0arding.

No creature per, or fur-sonifies being Spooky and Cute in one fur clad form more so than a baby sloth. *kiss-a-nose!*

Bratz Fans? Check it out

Yes I'm a Bratz collector and have been since they started. I still love toys :) I loved that finally a fashion doll line showed a range of skin tones and they have such cute colorful faces.

Click here for the cute interview by the Bratz cast for Bratz World!

Edit add Sat :)

This is so cute- the lil' video of the cast saying "Hi Bratz World"
was #31 on You Tube's most linked to/watched video today!
Cool and Thanks to everybody for watching!

You Tube, Bratz Cast says HI!

Fakey Friday and Spooky Saturday!

Shock and Awwwwwww
Originally uploaded by McNeney.

I hope you had a great Fakey Friday.. and that your Spooky Saturday is restful.. or at least fun in some way! Spooky and Fakey and also cute- add a big pup to any situation and you have fun! :)


Thumper Thursday!

fukusuke-pon 福助ぽん
Originally uploaded by fukusuke-pon 福助ぽん.

Hope you have a super cuddly Thumper Thursday!


Haiku 5

A bird with no wings
I soar to the same sun in
another blue sky

He's too tiny to measure up.

He's too tiny to measure up.
Originally uploaded by Memotions.

inch snail.. inch snail measuring the marigolds..
I know the song is "Inch Worm".. but we have a cute snail here posing on a ruler.. what else am I supposed to sing? :)
Inch snail.. inch snail..

How I Imagine It

How I imagine Summer looks...

...trees have things on them that flutter and smell nice...

...the ground is warm and does not melt.

How I imagine Winter looks... hmmm

...the ground is crunchy, everything one pretty color...

...and people are warmly dressed in faux furs, gloves, hats.. I think it's like that!


Originally uploaded by heatherlynchriza.

"I got big cheeks but I am wee!"
Check out this adorable photo set, click the pic!

Wee Wednesday! Give me a hand

Give me a hand
Originally uploaded by wishymom.

"Kitten Pow'a!! Me gots you!!"
Hope your WW is going OK! :)


Two-fur (Or Two-bird) Tuesday

I have had an extraordinarily busy few days. All good.. but time flies. I am not going to just slap anything together to fill spaces.. but it was a fun thing that occurred just now. I was browsing recently uploaded Faerieworlds pictures on Flickr- something I wish had taken my time up this weekend, (one day), when I noticed something in one photographer's set.. A TLLT story occurring and I am not sure they even knew it did. All from one person's pictures. Click and check out all of the Faerieworlds fun too maybe we can rent a jet or a big butterfly and go next year. :)
Magical Tinkerings

"I'm bored, I think I'll have some fun..."

"You there! Girl! Now!"




Pretty Monkey Monday!

Oh pretty monkey baby where are you going what are you thinking.. :)

little monkey
Originally uploaded by 123betty.


Cute dog

cute dog
Originally uploaded by Dai photo.

Monumental smile style! :)

Haiku 4

I have tried to fly
it was not a success but..
it's still fun to dream

Cupcake Race!

We haven't had cupcakes in way too long! I know where we can get some... follow me..(it's much bigger inside!)

It's simple, just down the stairs and at the end of the hall and through the blue doors.. I'll race you! :) Ready... go!!!

Yum! Hey don't take them all you better share!! :)


Happy Furry Friday!
Originally uploaded by _Abi_.

A Furry smile on a Friday can still light up a Sunny Smile Sunday! Especially holding treats in furry paws and looking like he just stopped to say something interesting about nuts.. :)


Sunny Smile Sunday! Ezekiel Smiles

Ezekiel Smiles a Big Sweet Sleepy Smile
Originally uploaded by birdtoes.

A bit Spooky still.. a lil' Rat smile of happiness :)