Natural Inspiration in Knit and Felt

Click the pic for the wonderful work of Emily B!

Twin Pandas Doing Well!

Thank you Rick for sending the update! I love how they have their blankies for their naps :)
"Panda cubs born after the devastating Chinese earthquake appear to be healthy. The mother had to be evacuated from the Wolong National Nature Reserve. Cubs Pingping and Anan were the only panda twins born in the world in 2008. (Oct. 28)"

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Margaret H. without her costume

Margaret H. without her costume
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Well she wouldn't be in her costume til tomorrow :) Click the pic for more great crafty bunnies!

Thumper Thursday, Dawn's Bunny

Dawn's Bunny
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What are you doing for Halloween?
Well hope you have a Happy Thumper Thursday :)


One Path

New baby animals on display at Wildlife World Zoo

What biig ears you have little baby!

New baby animals on display at Wildlife World Zoo

The seasons have changed and the circle of life continues at the Wildlife World Zoo. Visitors can welcome a handful of new baby animals to the Litchfield Park facility.

Here are the latest additions to the Wildlife World family:


Cania Gorge Bettong
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Also called a "rat kangaroo," the bettong is a highly endangered marsupial from Australia. Several species are already extinct because of predation from such invasive creatures as red foxes. The zoo's little boy doesn't need to worry about that, however, and has already started venturing out of his mother's pouch to forage for food.

Fennec fox

A native of North Africa, the fennec fox is immediately recognizable thanks to its big ears. The little fox is well-adapted to life in the Sahara, from it furry paws, which prevents burns by the hot sand, to its ears, which grow to 6 inches and help provide shade. These tiny foxes are sometimes thought to be ancestors to Chihuahuas and can even be kept as pets, although they are difficult to housebreak.


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These spiny little fellas may look like hedgehogs, but they are unrelated. Tenrecs developed in the isolated ecosystem of Madagascar and are actually closer related to African moles. They also have large litters - a female tenrec can have up to 32 babies at one time.
Wildlife World Zoo
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Hours: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. daily.
Where: 16501 W. Northern Ave., Litchfield Park.
Admission: $16.99 adults, $8.99 children ages 3-12.
Details: 623-935-WILD, wildlifeworld.com.

And why is this cute Baby White Rhino in the UK so so special? Click the picture to find out :)

Welcome to the World Wee Otter Baby :)

Hey little baby one day soon you'll be as grown-up and handsome (or pretty!) as this Otter! :)

Will do tricks for fish...:O)
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Oh baby! Otter born at Aquarium
JENKS - After weeks of speculation, it's time for a baby shower, or rather a splash at the Oklahoma Aquarium. A one-month-old North American River Otter baby, or pup is taking its first public steps and swimming with mama otter's help.

On September 26th, biologists were on high alert, as the female exhibited behavior of going into labor and then remained in her den for an extended length of time. Otters can be very defensive, so it was with great caution that Aquarium staff peered into the den and verified a baby had been born. It has just been in the last few days that the mother otter started bringing the baby out of the den.

Curiosity over the pup's gender will have to wait. It may be a full year before biologists can identify if the baby is a male or female.
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Watch this adorable video of the baby's first appearance in public and first swimming lessons :) Have a great Wee Wednesday


Road Sign Madness!

Click the pic for a whole photo set collected on the BBC of crazy confusing REAL road signs! Don't get lost :)

"This abstract image in Italy was judged Europe's "most stupid road sign" in a poll of drivers in 13 European countries published on Tuesday. (All pics courtesy of FIA Eurocouncil.)"

Optical Girl Illusion

Optical Girl Illusion
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This was a great collage created by accident by a shop window having torn images stuck on the window from a past magazine, and a new magazine placed behind it. I first thought it was a magazine with great art on it's cover but it was this great temporary illusion. Had to capture this ghostly girl. :)


We'll Miss Your Smiling Faces

I don't mind the rain, but today in NYC the rain is as drear as it gets. Made me want to see some pretty faces. Goodbye happy flowers we'll see you on the other side when the Sun comes back close enough to keep you warm! :)

Two-fur Tuesday! Baby cats in action

Baby cats in action
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"Oh boy here we go again..."
"It's two-fur tuesday!!!
It's two-fur tuesday!!!!"

Have a wonderful day today!!!



Dogs (and Inmates) get a Second Chance

Doggy Heroic acts can be large and small :)
"A recent graduate of the program named Ed, who was adopted by a nursing home, became a hero after he showed up at the breakfast table with the missing dentures of one of the home's residents whose false teeth had been the objects of a search."

"Death Row Dogs" in Muhlenberg County are being given a second chance at life by going to prison.

Through the program, animals that might otherwise have been euthanized at the local animal shelter are being temporarily placed with selected inmates at the local Green River Correctional Complex for care and training, and eventual adoption to new owners on the outside.

The medium-security prison on the outskirts of Central City that houses about 965 inmates has been cooperating with the Muhlenberg County Humane Society since 2004. Dogs with acceptable temperaments are assigned to inmate trainers who are schooled in successful dog-training techniques.

"We've had several dogs go on to be therapy dogs, working nursing homes with Alzheimer's patients, and reading dogs to help children become comfortable reading out loud," said Stacy Dortch, program administrator at the prison. "We had an autistic child that recently adopted one of the dogs as a therapy dog."

There is rarely a dull moment with the dogs in the cells. Earlier this week, one of the animals got into his inmate trainer's locker and pulled out his pajamas to use as a chew toy. A recent graduate of the program named Ed, who was adopted by a nursing home, became a hero after he showed up at the breakfast table with the missing dentures of one of the home's residents whose false teeth had been the objects of a search.

"I've never been a parent, but I compare (the dogs) to how parents describe their 2-year-old children," said Rice. "With every single dog that we're assigned, there is always at least one thing that happens every class that just gets your heart. Any number of the guys that are in the program could probably tell you a hundred stories."

For more details and to see photographs of Death Row Dogs now available for adoption, go to the Muhlenberg County Humane Society's Web site at: http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/KY77.html

Byron Crawford bcrawford@courier-journal.com
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Who said baby monkeys can't have blankies too.

Who said baby monkeys can't have blankies too.
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No one! Why don't we all have a blankie?

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Hurray for Monkey Monday!

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Have a great MM mm'kay?


Hero Dog Leo saves four Kittens!

Thank you WhatMeWorry for sending this YouTube Video! What an amazing little guy! Good boy Leo :)
"A dog has risked its life to protect four kittens trapped in a house fire in Melbourne, Australia.

Firefighters found Leo guarding the kittens which were in a cardboard box in one of the bedrooms.
When the fire broke out inside the house, the family of four plus their other dog managed to escape.

However Leo paid the price for his bravery. He succumbed to the smoke and heat.
Firefighters rushed the dog to safety and revived the unconscious Leo with a heart massage and oxygen."

Don't Lose Your Head!

hmm yes one of those photos looks familar :)
Hope you are having a great Sunny Smile Spooky Day!

Poo-chie Antoinette

Poo-chie Antoinette
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Here in the East Village the Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Costume parade was today. Many cute poochies packed into the dog run dressed up- but this was my fave.. :)


Finally :)

Oscar in Bag Again
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Can you believe I finally have re-organized from the convention weekend the bags and things I brought back and sent out a bunch of things and... okay okay. Too many know me and the only surprise is I actually DID something that could be described as organizing.. well I am not THAT bad, maybe.. I would take a picture of my room here and ask for opinions but I think I would know what the answer was. :) I am not a minimalist to begin with...
Have a great day! :)


Two-fur Tuesday, Minnie & surrogate mum

Minnie & surrogate mum
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Awww I need a hug too I have been feeling under the weather but already feel a bit better so maybe I'm just a little under it now :) Hope if anyone else is feeling sick you feel better soon!!


Spooky Saturday.. Anyone lose a cat?

Anyone lose a cat? Cat Found? Lost Cat? Only in LA
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Even stranger is that this isn't the only sign I have seen like this..
Hope a lot of Possums are finding nice homes.. :)
(I don't think these are real but what a funny jokey trend!)

Here is the other one I saw on the webby:

LOL A video of people pondering this possum cat issue.. :)