Happy New Year! :)

The meanings of the Arc. It represents ascension or striving, a monument of triumph and achivement, an arc rises above the struggle of matter and spirit, and symbolizes bounty, triumph, expansion, and success. May your New Year be an Arc of Triumph and Happiness. Thank you for making me feel very happy, and thankful for all of you that visit this tiny corner of ether.

Baby Gorilla Wonders...

"Papa will I grow up big and strong like you?"

"Of course you will baby."

"Papa said I will be big and strong one day."

"Yes you will but you'll always be my little baby."

Monkeying Around

"Da Pink Monkeeezzz.."

"...I LUVz Them!"

Monkey Monday, Baby play time

Baby play time
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"Mamma mamma he's touching me!"
"No I aint!"
"Mamma mamma he's looking at me!!"

Now now babies.. behave :) Have a Great Monkey Monday and a Happy New Year's Eve!!


Baby Beluga

Baby Beluga
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"tap tap tap"
"kiss kiss kissss"

Aww such a sweet biiiigg lil' baby Beluga!

Merry Midwinter!

Merry Midwinter!
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"What? What are you smiling at? Do I have something in my teeth? On my ears? My hair? My Nose??"
Yes just a lil' something on your nose.. :)

Sunny Smile Sunday, Chacho

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Such a pretty smile! This pup is looking for a home living for now at the "SJ Animal Shelter". Contact the photographer (click the pic!) for more info- or if you are looking for a new best friend head over to your local animal shelter and give some sweet creature a home with you! :)
Hope you have a Happy Sunny Smile Sunday!

Soft Serve World


The Fundraiser!

The Fundraiser!
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A cute fun story with lots and lots of toys and dolls made back in July 2002. Finally assembled in a better way! :)
Click the picture for the link or just go here! :)

Baby Pua

baby Pua
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Yes baby anteaters are also spooky sweeties too! :)

Smile please!

smile please!
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Baby Sloths are some of the cutest spookiest babies!

Baby Pangolin

Baby Pangolin! A sweet spooky creature.

pangolin_baby 025
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That's a good baby, drink all your milk! Okay maybe not get too full.. :) You'll grow up to be big and strong like that baby down there.

Baby Chinese Pangolin
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Where do these wonderful creatures come from? Maybe here.. :)
(Psst, actually for the facts check this page out!)

My Gummy Other

Spooky Saturday, Beyond the Machinist Realm

The Spider Machinist continues to build and dares you to visit..


Woodsy Pals

"You look like a piece of wood.."

"You, my dear, look like a piece of wood yourself."

"You know.. I think we both do.."


"I think you are right!"
"Mmm mmm"

Tawny Frogmouth Birds know how to rock that wood look! :)


Bonnie - Fantasy Portrait
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"Sparklie beady eyes, pink nose.. of course he is my baby we look exactly alike!" :)