How the world says Bow-wow and Meow!

Cats and Dogs make the same sound 'round the world but the way the humans in different countries express these in text is very different. Check out how other languages spell their baby's ruff ruff and mew mew.

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  • Spelling animal sounds in different parts of the world!

  • cute snake

    cute snake
    Originally uploaded by Narisa.

    Yes they can be cute. Very attractive, old hollywood pose too!

    Cute food favorites

    Cute food favorites
    Originally uploaded by bubbychucks.

    Candied and Cakey Cuteness- All gathered in one place..

    Cat furniture

    Tiny Dancer continues to feel at home on Elliott's shoulders
    Originally uploaded by SH2005.

    A man-shaped cat chair for browsin' the interwebs

    Tiny Toy Poodles

    Tiny Toy Poodles
    Originally uploaded by David, Phoebe and family.

    Pile o' poodle pups!

    More from the Cheezy LOLCats

    I has a teddy!
    From the LOLCats
    running the LOLGrill

    Tiny, Cute, Slightly Shy Kitten

    I think this is Viola, a Tiny, Cute & Slightly Shy Kitten
    Originally uploaded by Pixel Packing Mama.

    Lil kitty with a glam taste in curtains.

    A monster cat

    A monster cat
    Originally uploaded by pepleo.

    Oh you are soo scarweeee, aww yes you are!

    (cute) little monsters

    (cute) little monsters
    Originally uploaded by criminal.

    Awwww if monsters really looked like this.. well wait, there really aren't monsters so, you could say.. monsters DO look like this right? Monsters are cute! Depends where you look..

    Cutest bug ever

    Cutest bug ever
    Originally uploaded by daninhim.

    I have to agree with the caption until I find a cuter bug.. :) Not looking too hard tho if-u-no-whatimean..

    paper cakes r cute

    paper cakes r cute
    Originally uploaded by mizstacie.

    Tasty looking enough to make you want to eat paper hmm? :)

    Is eating bugs cute?

    When you are fluffy and yellow why yes!

    Can squids be cute?

    Originally uploaded by xtopher42.

    When they are not massive ship swallowing gigantors.. why yes!
    Aww such a sweet lil mug!

    A Friendly Face

    A Friendly Face
    Originally uploaded by Frank Peters.

    A more serene cutey look..

    Is food fun? It is if it TELLS YOU it is!

    Fun food in Malaga, Spain
    Originally uploaded by ginnyfiglar.

    Yes sir food you are fun!! Now eat! :)

    Squirrely photogs! A.C.O.R.N. group

    A.C.O.R.N. group -------------- Copyright ©2006
    Originally uploaded by SQUIRREL400.

    These pictures are not manipped! They are real! :) Well you know, as real as anything can be nowadays but I don't think squirrels need to photoshop off wrinkles... :)


    Don't smoke in Paris

    ..at least not this one! Just amazing you can create these things out of paper!

    Teenie tiny bookies

    These are amazing.

    Crispy crunchy city..

    And yes they ate the whole thing afterward! Read on!

    Baby what? Baby Shameelians :)

    From AdoraBlog.. sooo cute. Like lil bebe pocket dragons :)
    Read more about them here too: http://www.adcham.com/


    The Poster-critter for cute. Do these run wild in the UK? Like the way I see mice in NYC in the park, people in the UK would see hedgehogs?? :)
    From Cute Overload check out more pix of cute cute cute hedgeyness. Hedgehoggyedygoodness

    Don't like your mittens? Get in line!

    Oh the sorrow of bad mittens..
    From the LOLCats
    running the LOLGrill

    tiny squirtle turtle

    tiny squirtle turtle
    Originally uploaded by getthebubbles.

    I recently met a gal who had several turtles as pets. One of them was wandering the floor and she kissed him on the turtly snout (over and over) and it was so cute. He was like a big version of this fellow. Stripey and beautiful. Turtles can be cute, they can! :)

    Girl Face Easter Cookies

    Girl Face Easter Cookies
    Originally uploaded by Karissa Cove XO.

    *crunch crunch* yep too good to eat *brushes crumbs off* :)

    Separated at birth?

    Separated at birth?, originally uploaded by motodraconis.

    Dr Who fans will find this delish!

    Ah! Big fat cake attack- click the pic for the full size and more fun pix at their acct.. as if eating sweets needs to be any funner :)

    Amigurumi Bunny Bon Bon Chocolates

    Non fattening.. high in fiber.. LOL

    Cute Candies..

    A blogger posted this..guess which one they bought? hint= >:(


    Tiny Doggy, Big on Love..

    Tiny Dancer, maybe the tiniest pooch in the world. Thank you to Cute Overload for posting this :)

    Carved Watermelons

    Too gorgeous to eat but I still want to! :)

    On a diet?

    The only diet where eating two burgers would be better than one..

    Just big kittens

    Is it a purr or a grrr.. seriously they look kinda cuddly.. kinda..

    Tasty nuggets..

    Not for nibbles just nuzzles

    Cozy critter

    *sigh* how cuddly.. nothing better than a weekend like this :)

    Bad bad baby?

    Uhoh.. I wonder who did this? :)

    Not on CatUrDay you don't :)

    Go romp somewhere!
    From the LOLCats
    running the LOLGrill

    Yay its PupUrDay!

    Check out Willard's page too and rescue some pups and kittens and pets oh my!

    Ruff Rider Rescue

    We R not slipperz!

    We R not slipperz! Oh some fluffy kitteh goodness..
    From the LOLCats
    running the LOLGrill

    Hello :)

    Happy LOL Day! This is my first post here so its all just working things out in case someone has stopped by to say hello and nothing is here yet :) I have been blogging and running webbies for a long time and have decided to do some "cute" for myself now! I love cute and LOL sites and wanted a place to get a smile and add the things I thought were cute and share other sites too. So thats it! Have fun and get your LOL on anytime :)