Oscar is "Mr June" in NY Pet-i-Care's 2012 Calendar

The 2012 NY Pet-i-Care calendar is out and check out the cute Junebug Oscar. Contact NY Pet-i-Care for one or more! All proceeds go to help the animals they rescue just like Oscar, "Mr June"!
What is this cute thing?
OMD it's me!
Buy this fine product! Oscar Approved


A Day In The Life Of A Handicapped Dog

A little film I did about Oscar :)

Hope you are having a Happy Holiday Season!


My dog, my new rescue kitten...

doin'what else? Wrasslin!


Wonderful Dogs looking for Forever Homes!

Wonderful Dogs looking for Forever Homes!
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"Merv Griffin at 15 lbs and a year old, 10 year old 5 pounder is Lulabelle, 30 lbs and a year old is Buddy!"
These are the same people who rescued Oscar and have these wonderful doggies looking for homes and someone to love. Please contact Julia email: julie.prem@gmail.com


Please Help Jake the Kitten with his Operation Cost!

Please Help Jake the Kitten with his Operation Cost!
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Donate to help Jake get well!

This is NY Pet-i-Care at the East Village Vet the same people who saved Oscar from death row and where we met him and where we have taken all our pets for years. They are wonderful people who dedicate their lives to helping animals.

From Marilyn:
"Dear Friends,

This a small plea to all of you, to help little Jake. He came from the kill shelter with a shattered knee and a broken hip in the same leg. Jake is about 4-months-old and the cutest, most adorable purring little guy who deserves the best chance and he will get it. He is going to a specialist tomorrow and will have surgery by the best, but we need your help, as this will be very costly.

If you are able to give whatever you can, it would be greatly appreciated.
Our website is www.nypeticare.com to use Paypal."


Oscar the Doxie Dog

Oscar the Doxie Dog a video by C Merry on Flickr.

Nothing can stop him! :)


Happy July 3rd :) NYC

Happy July 3rd :) NYC
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Pre-4th-fireworks tonight. Have a Happy 4th of July


From the Archives, In Memory of Hero Birds and Animals

NYC - LES: Seward Park - Togo statue
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"In January of 1925, a diphtheria epidemic broke out in the isolated town of Nome, Alaska. There was a minimal amount of serum available, and the diphtheria outbreak showed no signs of lessening it grip on the town. Dr. Curtis Welsh, Nome physician radioed for help.

In 1925 Alaska had no way to connect with the interior and the cold and weather would freeze airplane motors solid. The only way to get supplies from Anchorage to the town of Nome, (then about 1,700 population) was to ship the serum to Nenana, the last rail head in Alaska. The only way to get the precious, life saving serum to the interior was by an ancient mode of travel - dog power!"Turtlezen

Here is Balto's story and some great pictures and here is a great site with Togo's story.

Both dogs are heroes and reading about them on the web it seems some people put a kind of competition on them about who is the most heroic but that's just adding a human spin on them that I don't think is needed. They are both deserving of praise! :)

Purina in Spring
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Purina has an amazing page of hero pets going back to the 60's. Reading these mentions will leave you no doubt that animals are capable of amazing acts of heroism and selfless acts to save their loved ones.

Charles with a white pigeon
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This webpage has great info on the heroic acts of Pigeons during WW2. I liked this page more for the mentions of their life-saving than other things so its a good read for those purposes. I adore pigeons and have 4 currently myself! (All rescues, yes people love and rescue injured pigeons!) :)

In this article about the Animal Hero Dickin Medals being auctioned, they mention the acts of heroism both Tyke the Pigeon and Peter the Collie dog.

Imperial War Museum North
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There is a museum exhibit going on in England now to honor brave animals in wartimes, you can get all the info here and here. This is a free exhibit.

Animals of many kinds from dogs and cats, to lions and eagles have also been adopted officially and unofficially as pets and mascots by the armed forces. A number of these are featured in the exhibition including Rin Tin Tin, who was found as a puppy on the Western Front in the First World War and went on to become a Hollywood legend; Judy, the pointer, the only animal to have been officially registered as a Japanese prisoner of war; Voytek, the bear mascot of the 22nd Transport Company of the Polish Army Service Corps who saw action at Monte Cassino in 1944; and Simon of HMS Amethyst, the only cat to have been awarded the PDSA Dickin Medal known as the “animals’ Victoria Cross”. Dickin Medals on display include those awarded to three police horses during the V1 Flying Bomb Offensive of 1944 and to Buster, the spaniel, who located a cache of arms in Iraq in 2003.

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The Great Music Car Race, who would win?

Full disclosure, I will always and forever be a Red Barchetta fan, but there are other fast famous musical cars, if in a real or imagined race.. who do you think would win either by speed or heart and soul?

The Great Music Car Race! Who will win?


My Favorite Movie Moms

Or "moms" :) Thank you to the good moms out there :)

Peg Boggs, Edward Scissorhands

Mrs Miller, Almost Famous

Ripley and Newt, Aliens

Auntie Mame

Mr Mom

Mrs Jumbo, Dumbo's Mom



Sign Advice

Sign Advice
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Try it! :)


Coming Alive

Coming Alive
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Pull Up A..

Pull Up A..
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He let the dogs out

He let the dogs out
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Finished Urban Quilt

Finished Urban Quilt
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Click here for a cool post on my Urban Quilt project :)


Fusion Arts

Fusion Arts
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Super Moon

Super Moon competed with artificial light
Perched on a rooftop
Tiptoe it prepared to jump
Then just kept going
Over the flying machines and into the sky

Non Super Moon Triad 2/24/11
Moon Triad

Super Moon Triad!

Goodnight Super Moon!



Raspberry Sunrise

Raspberry Sunrise
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Shiny Faces

Shiny Faces
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Moon Triad

Moon Triad, originally uploaded by C Merry.

Moon Triad 2


Congratulations to Jill Anderson

Jill has been chosen by Oscar nominated Director, Debra Granik, to create her Oscar gown. This is MUCH deserved recognition and attention for her :)

Photo, NY Daily News
Click HERE for the news story on NY Daily News :)

Winter's Bone is up for more than just Best Director, it is also nominated for:
Best Picture, Jennifer Lawrence; Best Actress, John Hawkes; Best Supporting Actor, and Debra Granik and Anne Rosellini; for Best Adapted Screenplay.


Jill told me I was one of her first customers when she first opened and over the years I have owned many lovely things she created. Her designs were made for all women not just Models (nothing wrong with looking like a Model it's just that not everybody does and we like fashion too :) ) She once told us that our rescue dog Pippin showed her how much she loved dogs and then she went and adopted her own rescue pup :)
Pippin at the parade

She named a Fashion after Pippin too!
Pippin Cardigan 2
Pippin Cardigan

Break a leg and needle to both Jill and Debra!


Some Sunrises from Feb to Feb

Over the past year if I was up to see them I'd try to take a picture of the Sunrise. I liked the colors coming up this one morning and could see a clear arc of sunlight, the building across the street started to come to life.

LES Sunrise set on Flickr, The Sunrises I snapped from Feb to Feb

Here comes the sun