Been a wee bit slow, I used to make thousands of posts a day.. okay not thousands maybe hundreds :) I am starting my own company and have been working torward a moment that is soon to happen, when I can open my virtual doors.. so I have been doing with that. Plus been doing some fun stuff behind the scenes for a doll company I love. I just need to get all that going and all will be back to normal, as normal as it ever was!
OH I have a class coming up so there MIGHT be a couple day period where it gets verrry slow but then there will be fun pix of that to show off afterward! :)


A Birthday Dream..

I don't know about this..

I had a dream the cake came to life and was scary!

Then a rainbow Saved the day!

But..I think I will stick to tofu just to be safe. :)

One Year Old Today can you believe it? Time flies.. :)


The Influence of... Nudis?

Is the Nudibranch taking over the world?
I thought only Cupcakes wielded this much power! ;)

Spooky Saturday, Coming to Life 59

More Coming To Life

Hope you are having a wonderful day! :)


Monday April 28 Happy LOL Day's One Year Birthday!

April 28 is Happy LOL Day! :)

Feels like just the day before yesterday when I started this and it's just been wonderful. I just want to say THANK YOU. I would also like to throw a huge party for you so if anyone has a daisy filled field or a crazy spooky haunted mansion where we could eat cupcakes together...? ;)

"Happy B-day Happy LOL Day!"

Shelter Dog Lily, Mother of the Year

Awww she is raising her Pittens! Puppy Kittens :) If you are in this area and have a good home that would love a Pitten of Lily's contact them. If you just love animals and want to help, contact them and donate to help them keep rescuing wonderful gentle souls like Lily and the Pittens! Thank you Rick! :)

Shelter dog nursing kittens
by Kristy Mergenthal
Story from WQAD

A pregnant Des Moines county dog, who was deserted at a farm by her owner is becoming a mom for the second time in less than six weeks. But, let's just say her second litter isn't of the same species.
Meet Lily, she's been at the Des Moines county animal shelter for two weeks. She gave birth to six puppies of her own and now you could call her the mother of the year.

"She does everything momma cat would do, she's excellent said shelter worker Angie Beard.
"I've worked here ten years and this is the first one that's done this."

Lily Lou as shelter workers like to call her is nursing nine kittens, three litters who all lost their moms.
"Maybe three of them might have lived if we would have bottle fed them around the clock" said Denis Swartzendruber who works at the shelter.

Knowing Lily's gentle personality, shelter worker Angie Beard first gave Lily two kittens, while the rest were bottle fed.
Angie hoped Lily would keep them under her watchful eye and treat them as her own, and she did.
"If one crawls out of bed she'll follow it and take it back to bed and she cleans them like her own puppies and watches them" said Denise.

Her new pittens litter, puppy kittens, quickly grew to six and Monday Lily got three more bundles of joy.
"We figured since we didn't have a momma cat to care for them she could just take them all" said Angie.

The kittens are three and four weeks old now and will stay with Lily until they are six weeks. Lily's good deed has already caught the eye of a lady as she will soon have a mom of her own.
"One of the most remarkable parts of this job is getting them homes and good homes now just need homes for baby kittens and pittens" said Denise.

Although Lily is spoken for she won't be able to go to her new home until she is done nursing her kittens.
The farmer that found Lily kept her until she gave birth. All six of her puppies found good homes.

Added Cute Bonus! :)
When looking for the Lily video I found another wonder dog helping some Pittens! What wonderful mommas these dogs are!


The Large and Small of it all...

Thank you Citlali* for the wonderful pup pic :)
Hope everybody had a wonderful Wee Wednesday!


Cupcake Forest

Two gnomes living in Cupcake Forest.. and why not? Those little red thingamajigs that go on top of stuff don't plant themselves y'know. :)
"A one-minute stop-motion animation about gnomes living in cupcake houses, by Aimee and Ben Johnson."


Sacred Monkey Forest Santuary, Ubud

Sacred Monkey Forest Santuary, Ubud
Originally uploaded by Kung Fu Hamster.

"Someone is taking your picture, you have to look nice!"
"Awwww maaaaa!!"

Hanging Pink

Monkey Monday, Jack

Originally uploaded by MUFFA - Mariella's Unusual Fantasy Funny Animals.

Now what kinda sock is small enough to make a tiny Sock Monkey like this?

Ludwig in his Hat
Originally uploaded by christie michelle m.

Kitten Socks!
"Oooo so dats where mah sox went...!"

Have a Happy Monkey Monday! :)


Sunny Smile Sunday, Return of Dracula

Return of Dracula
Originally uploaded by KathyAAdams.

Or just a really funny smile :)
Have a great day!! :)


Spooky Saturday, Coming to Life 58

Hope you have a Happy Spooky Saturday!
Wait, what happened to Fakey Friday? Yep it just got away from me so to make up for it I'll post this:

:) Have a fun day!!

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