A Life-sized Candyland

Yesterday an entire street turned into a real life Candyland! Lombard Street (you know that famous twisty turny one in San Francisco) got turned into a life sized version of the famous kid's boardgame.

To celebrate Candy Land's 60th anniversary, 575 feet of switchbacks in the Russian Hill neighborhood were transformed into a life-size version of the board game.

Kids from the UC San Francisco Children's Hospital and Friends of the Children competed in a round of Candy Land, which makes my girlhood fantasyland, FAO Schwarz, look like child's play.

Click here for all the info and a picture of the cute cake the kids got at the end of the game :)

on our way to Kandy Kastle
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Lombard Street in San Francisco is turned into Candyland
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Lost and Found Dog Saves Life of Boy with Down Syndrome

Another "paws" needed in the day for this story. Don't EVEN pretend you did not get tears in your eyes :) Thanks Rick for the happy tears! :)
A lost and then found dog finds his true place in the world.

"Segovia and Savige made 4,000 FOUND flyers with the dog's picture, stuffed mailboxes and put an ad on Craigslist. When no one called, RaeLee stayed the night at the Segovias' house. His dog bed was placed in the living room, but when the boys climbed into their twin beds, RaeLee dragged his bed down the long hallway and bunked with the boys in their room.

By Saturday -- four days later -- no one had called to claim RaeLee, and he was still living with the Segovias. The honey-colored terrier had started responding to his new name. He almost never barked, loved playing rambunctiously with Azaiah, and was tender with Christian.

One afternoon, the dog settled himself on the floor near Christian as he watched a "Barney" video in his room. Segovia was outside watering the plants when the placid moment was shattered by the sound of RaeLee crashing into the screen door and barking crazily. Alarmed, Segovia opened the door, only to have the dog race back through the house towards the boys' room. Segovia followed, screaming when she caught sight of her son. Christian was "slumped over, his body writhing in a seizure, blood streaming from his nose and mouth." RaeLee stood next to him yelping, but suddenly went quiet when Yolanda reached down to hold her son.

"If he hadn't come to get me," Segovia said, "the neurologist said Christian would have choked on his own blood and died." The dog, she decided, was a keeper.

But the next day, Segovia and her sons were heartbroken when someone called to claim the dog they had come to love. "

Read his entire amazing story here: Lost and Found Dog Saves Life of Boy with Down Syndrome

(Please help a dog every time you can when you encounter a lost pooch. Google your neighborhood for no-kill shelters to come get them or take them in yourself)


NYC Yesterday, Cute and Cute

I heard it was nice out yesterday lol, Thanks Rick :) Now it's thunder and lightning tonight! Hope everybody had a great weekend!


Sunny Smile Pup!

Yep still workin' :) But had to "paws" to post this. I saw a cute bear upstate and sometimes one of my cats looks like a baby bear, but this pup is SO bear-cubbish. Just adorable. *sigh* Okay back to work LOL :)

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Upstate NY Earlier Today

We decided to take the Poodle on a long slow walk around an abandoned train track down through the cute little town. I am getting my tree and green things fix :)
These are just a few, I took 74 pix! :)

I clipped one of my pictures to Polyvore and created a piece :)
The Ghostly Path


The Joys of Polyvore

While waiting for something to render, compress, collate or print - or anything that keeps you waiting long enough to start sighing, don't bite your fingernails- go and play on Polyvore. How to explain.. hmmm collagey fun and fashion eyecandy collide. Or just make a pretty picture and gaze on other pretty pictures. I don't know why this is fun but it is!

Hope everybody has a great weekend! :)