Raspberry Sunrise

Raspberry Sunrise
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Shiny Faces

Shiny Faces
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Moon Triad

Moon Triad, originally uploaded by C Merry.

Moon Triad 2


Congratulations to Jill Anderson

Jill has been chosen by Oscar nominated Director, Debra Granik, to create her Oscar gown. This is MUCH deserved recognition and attention for her :)

Photo, NY Daily News
Click HERE for the news story on NY Daily News :)

Winter's Bone is up for more than just Best Director, it is also nominated for:
Best Picture, Jennifer Lawrence; Best Actress, John Hawkes; Best Supporting Actor, and Debra Granik and Anne Rosellini; for Best Adapted Screenplay.


Jill told me I was one of her first customers when she first opened and over the years I have owned many lovely things she created. Her designs were made for all women not just Models (nothing wrong with looking like a Model it's just that not everybody does and we like fashion too :) ) She once told us that our rescue dog Pippin showed her how much she loved dogs and then she went and adopted her own rescue pup :)
Pippin at the parade

She named a Fashion after Pippin too!
Pippin Cardigan 2
Pippin Cardigan

Break a leg and needle to both Jill and Debra!


Some Sunrises from Feb to Feb

Over the past year if I was up to see them I'd try to take a picture of the Sunrise. I liked the colors coming up this one morning and could see a clear arc of sunlight, the building across the street started to come to life.

LES Sunrise set on Flickr, The Sunrises I snapped from Feb to Feb

Here comes the sun



Happy Valentine's Day

From the skies of New York City :)

Valentine Sunrise, originally uploaded by C Merry.

Faded to Blue

Then Pink

Then lit up like Fire