May All Your Plans Come True

Dreams too :) Happy New Year!





From the archive originally posted here :)


My New York City Snowstorm Set

IMG_6024, originally uploaded by happylolday.

All of my pix I took today from earlier to the eve are here on Flickr :) Stay Warm!

Christmas Night View

Christmas Night View
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Midtown and Macy's Christmas Eve

Midtown and Macy's Christmas Eve
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Christmas Eve in Merrick LI NY

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We went for a wander on some of the streets near Rick's sis's home and some folks really went all out. Whole set here :)

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LES Lunar Eclipse 2010

The Moon had been showing off all evening, lighting the sky up. Then the Lunar Eclipse started and it really put on a show.

Gorgeous Moonlight, originally uploaded by happylolday.

Shadow Starts, originally uploaded by happylolday.

LES Lunar Eclipse 2010, originally uploaded by happylolday.

Goodnight Moon! My full Flickr set here.


Christmas Tree Lighting in Tompkins Square Park NYC

The TREE!, originally uploaded by happylolday.

This little EV Tree is the one our cat Cassa "grew up" with, he would play by it when it was a wee sapling and he a beeg baby, now they are certainly much bigger. :)
The whole set of photos Rick took located here on Flickr :)
The Lighting countdown and a carol :)


Our First Snow

All is well but quite a night, a fire broke out at our building. I posted all my pictures and video on this blog LES NYC Window- which I meant to post about here as a new photo blog for my NYC pix. Sorry the first post is about a fire but again, we were told no one was hurt and the fire dept here was truly fast and amazing.

A nice thing about today and tonight is that it's our first snow here in the new place! It's beautiful! :)
The first flurries earlier in the eve:

First Snow!
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The Doughnuts..

Doughnut Plant 1
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that you are having today, were just bowls of flour last night :)


Balcony Love

Balcony Love
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On my balcony tonight, such a beautiful NYC Winter eve!
The whole little set here.


In the Night Park

Thank you last weekend Curbed NY for making my Goodnight Gazebo a Best of the Curbed Photo Pool.

The rest of the little park is beautiful too.

Kissin' in the Park After Dark
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Originally uploaded by happylolday.