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I wonder if when he was looking for a home he'd land and lean in to compare patterns.. great real estate choice little friend! (Click the pic for the cute backstory on this photo :) )


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Aww so wonderful, and the baby over to the right still hasn't perfected his technique so let's just pretend we don't see him.. what baby? Where? I just see sand... :)

Great Camoflage

Great Camoflage
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The wall changed when he landed on it.. just kidding but wow, perfect!

The Sea Dreams of the Sky

Slowly Tilting Blue


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Simply gorgeous!

Fakey Friday! Bug

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He is not a button! But he is cute as one.. :)



Peanut 008
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Ah! The hare, I mean the hair is wonderful! :)

Rabbit Ears

Rabbit Ears
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Flower that wants in on that cute bunny love! :)


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Oh my goodness you just wanna kiss those cheeks! :)

Itty Bitty Baby Bunny

Itty Bitty Baby Bunny
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Awww just a tiny handful of bunbun.. :)

What will you become next?

Paisley between Earth and Sky

Bunny dreamland

Bunny dreamland
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Some people's Thursdays are more relaxing than others I see :)

Thumper Thursday! Snickers and her pet

Snickers and her pet
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Hope you are having a Happy Thumper Thursday! Cuddle up with your bunnies! :)


Angel doggy

sad eyes never lie
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"But now I have to behave.. right?" :)

Lil fluff ball

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Originally uploaded by melissambwilkins.

"I meanded to do dat! Rwelly!"
Click this baby's pix to see more adorable action shots and read the nice story! :)


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I didn't know they made trendy Leopard prints that small.. :)

Stir the Water

Stir the Water

This pool goes up...

This pool goes down...

Wee Wednesday! Careful mother

careful mother
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Hope you had a great Two-fur Tuesday.. Wee Wednesday will be fun too, just got to get going! :)


Hiding Behind Boxes

Hiding Behind Boxes
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"Shhhh sit verry still so they can't see us hehehee.."
"I think they can see us..."
"Noo we are camoflaged.. be very still.. we blend!"
"Hmm I'm not so sure.." :)

Just hug

Just hug
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Whoole lotta huggin goin' on!:)

Pig Art or Pigasso Paintings

Reported on the Art News Blog .. this is just so cute!

"There is some hot new art talent in the United Kingdom. The artists reside at the Pennywell Farm in Buckfastleigh and are working to raise money for the Farm Crisis Network charity.

Trotters Independent Painters began their career by accident when the piglets broke loose at a craft fair at their home, and began investigating tins of non-toxic paint with their snouts and trotters." Daily Mail

And their finished work looks like this.. (see below!)
I think they would sell more posters of the little pigs than the finished paintings by them, as they are little cuties."

Two Tannys

Two Tannys
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It's a combo squishy hug and a 'let momma get some sleep' maneuver :)

A Goddess of Mist

"Watch the skies..."

"...I can make it rain..."


The Gold at the Other End of the Rainbow