Thumper Thursday, Bunny Bailey?

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No he is a Chinchilla but just as cute as a bunny :)
Have a hoppy day :)

Gauze Patterns in a Window this AM in NYC

I took this :)


Wee Wednesday, Wee Four Day Old..

Hippo Baby!! Big Tiny Baby hello!
From the BBC "A four-day-old Nile hippopotamus plays with his mother, Dolly, at Taman Safari in West Java, Indonesia."


Kitten Toes

Kitten Toes
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I have a baddd cold so I am feeling like this most of the time!
This too shall pass, have a great day and see you soon! :)


Hootie Hoo!

"That's not what I sound like!"

For Carla! :)

Monday is full of Monkeys! Tarsier Smile..

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And teeny furry smiles too :)
Hope you had a wide eyed shiny day :)


HAPP-E for WALL-E :)

Congratz WALL-E !!

Sunny Smile Sunday, Sweet Bun

Sweet Bun
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I'd smile too if I had two pies!
Have a delish day!


Spooky Saturday, Baby in Panama

"mmmMMM! I love a good snuggle.."

"Don't you?"

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I hope you are having a snuggy Spooky Saturday!






Long horned cowfish
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Fakey Friday, Cupcake Sprinkles House

Cupcake Sprinkles House
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Feel like making pretend villages of cute houses again? What? This doesn't happen to you on a semi-regular basis? I can't be the only one... :)
If feeling crafty check out these great templates to have fun on a cold day with kids or the kid inside you :)


Thumper Thursday, Tiny bunny in a dress!

OMG! A tiny bunny in a dress!
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I didn't know there were tiny bunny fashions out there!

"She was quite happy about it too, hopping all around all the other bunnies without a dress on, running towards your hand when you put it in the pin, sitting for a pet, and then joyfully hopping off again."

Okay so there is a bunny in a dress and now here you have a pup in a bunny dress!

Misty...in her Bunny Suit
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Hope your day was as cute and frilly :)

I See Spots


Wee Wednesday, ben & bunny

ben & bunny
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"It not fumper furzday yet bunny you go!"
You tell'm lil fellow! So much spirit packed in that wee body! :)
Hope you have been having a feisty day! :)