Coming to Life 104, Happy Thanksgiving!

The glorious birth of a Turkey Cake Wreck
Have a Happy Thanksgiving :)

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Danny MacAskill's Bike on Ebay for Children in Need

Remember this video?

Then you'll recall this bike.

Now it can be yours and Danny himself promises..
"Remember, who ever buys will pretty much be able to do tree flairs and sweet snake skids on the first ride haha!"
Okay there may have been a wink in there so be careful if you do take it out for a spin. Raising money for a good cause and owning a piece of sport history is a win win :)

Danny's ebayUK auction click here :)


The Dakota, right now

The best thing, I think, is to remember the beauty of life and what great people like John Lennon added to it. So when I see The Dakota I tell myself to smile because of the great man who lived there and was traveling this life with us for awhile.

Thanks Rick!


Tiny House Dreams Come True

Tiny dreams can come true, wish on a snowflake not a star? :)


Someday Little Children We'll be Living on the Moon

Susan of Sesame Street ROCKS OUT! :) I always loved this song and now we are even closer to making this come true.

Water is found on the Moon!
NASA'S LCROSS Impacts Confirm Water In Lunar Crater


Remembering the Veteran War Dogs too

Many animals fought and still serve alongside soldiers now. Keep them in your thoughts today too. They are just as brave as the men and women who defend us all over the world.

Read all about the love of a dog named Nubs for one soldier in Iraq here, and watch a clip for the Military Channel's show "No Dog Left Behind" airing Nov 15th here.

Thanks Rick for telling me all about Nubs!


Happily Ever Over, the Video

Hope you like it, I loved making it. :)

Happily Ever Over, an epic tale from cmerry on Vimeo.