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An Epic Holiday Tale :)

Happily Ever Over
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Click the picture above to go to the Epic Holiday Tale
"Happily Ever Over"
A history of the "truth" behind the fairytales.. :)

Edit: Thank you Neatorama and Miss Cellania
Happily Ever Over is an epic tale that explains a lot of what you you never understood about holidays. An economic crisis among the magical creatures leads to crime and adventure, involving the Pied Piper who lives in his extermination van after his wife left him, an investigator who loves a mysterious ghost, and Santa Claus as you’ve never seen him -a time-traveling, whip-cracking descendant of grizzly bears! It’s a long story, but one you’ll never forget. Written and illustrated by C Merry, first published in 2003 as a gift to her friends.

Thank you Dan and Rockhoppers Daily Grind
Happily Ever Over is an amazing holiday epic. Subtitled "How Santa Saved The World Then Lost It All", the story is billed as a never before recalled history of something no one remembers anymore. I'm a big fan of fairy tales, mythology, and Christmas. This story winds them all together with a sense of whimsy.
Written and illustrated by CMerry during a period of illness, the story has only previously been published in hand-made collages, as gifts for friends. The illustrations are marvelous. Let's be grateful that CMerry has shared this lovely story with us, and look for a book deal, I'm sure.

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Smooth as..

Paris in Pocket

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Keys? Check.
Bunny in Pocket? Check.
Well you are ready for the day, have fun! :)

Thumper Thursday Love

"I love Thumper Thursday!"
Did you bring enough for the whole class? :)

6 Baby Whites
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:) Have a great TT-day!


Two small bundles

two small bundles
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Two-fur Tuesday snuggles into Wee Wednesday. I hope you had a great day with great things to look forward to when you wake up :)


Monkey Monday, Kiss!

"Oh you are so pretty! I think you need a kiss!"

Kissing Monkey Baby
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Have a pretty Monkey Monday! :)


What They See

Is Not What I Saw

For Jamesson

Colors, I'm a Rainbow Today

Eyes are soul of heart
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I love some commercials. Some are worth noting due to their beauty or just something about them. Sometimes they introduce us to an artist you may never have heard of otherwise. This song is just a sweet happy song with wonderful lyrics. I don't own a Dell, never will probably, but I thank them for using this song :)

This is a fan video not the official one or the commercial. To see the official video click here.. It was disabled for embedding



thanks rick for the last photo link

Happy LOL Day Real Estate Update

Seems to be a bit of a competition going in the Real Estate World! We've reported on the lady with the stuffed kitty assistant before, now looks like she is being one-upped by someone using a REAL Kitty model! Aww such a cutie, I'd buy your apartments kitty if I had enough Meow Mix in the bank! :)
Read all about it here.

Thanks Rick you Rock!

Fancy Houses for your Furry and Feathered Friends

Curious what these are? Click here. to find out..
All proceeds go to help the Animal Medical Center of New York
Thanks Rick!

Vick-tory For Vick's Dogs


22 of the dogs saved from the brutal Michael Vick's pit bull rings have become stars in the realm of wine. The beautiful oil paintings of the faces adorn a new line of boutique red wines. Click the story link for all the info and the full gallery of the beautiful oil paintings.

Vick dogs featured on wine labels
Vicktory Dogs Wine Collection features portraits of 22 dogs confiscated
By MIKE STARK, Associated Press

SALT LAKE CITY — Georgia, Handsome Dan, Curly and other pit bulls rescued from Michael Vick’s dogfighting operation are getting a shot at fame as stars of a line of boutique red wines.

The Vicktory Dogs Wine Collection features colorful portraits of 22 dogs confiscated from Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels that now live at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in southern Utah.

Ellen is one of the pit bulls featured on the label for the Vicktory Dogs Wine Collection. Artist Cyrus Mejia painted the colorful portraits of 22 dogs confiscated from Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels.

“As a signature collection, it’s through the roof,” said Matt Hahn, co-owner of Carivintas Winery, a Southern California company that combines wine selling and philanthropy.
Each bottle includes a portrait of one of the dogs on the label. On the back, instead of a description of the wine, there’s a brief story about each four-legged friend.

The pit bulls have been living at Best Friends since January while handlers try to reverse the mental damage done at Vick’s 15-acre estate in southeastern Virginia. Vick, a former NFL quarterback, is serving a two-year prison sentence in connection with the dogfighting operation.
Artist Cyrus Mejia, one of the founders of Best Friends, began painting the dogs after they arrived at the sanctuary. Gone in the portraits are any signs of snarling beasts fit for a fight ring. Instead, there are cocked heads, soulful eyes and floppy ears.

“I think he’s been able to capture the real personalities of each of the dogs,” said John Polis, a Best Friends spokesman.
Read the whole article here.
Thanks Rick!

Spooky Saturday, Weird Weirdest Dog Ever :)

Okay Okay I know I missed posting on Fakey Friday but you my little friend could cover both days - you are not a fake you are the realest weirdest poocheeto ever and you are also very Spooky!
So goodnight to Fakey Friday Hello Spooky Saturday- have a great weekend!


Thumper Thursday, Coco

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Ears UP, Leggies BACK, commence to relax...
Hope you had a great day! Now go lay on your tummy somewhere nice :)


Wee Wednesday, Dancing Baby Goats :)

Only a day old and already had some great boingin' moves
Just in case you need a break from Pups! I promise its not a long enough video to start getting PupCam withdrawal symptoms..but might give you a moment to realize what day it is, maybe get some food, maybe your family is worried about you. ;)


Pop in on Playful Pups! Puppy Cam!

Yes I have been watching this for way too long over the last few days and do not blame me later for PupCam Mania! :) The babes turn 5 weeks old today :)
Free video chat by Ustream

New! Pups gain fame! They get mentioned in Time Magazine here!


Pup in the Box :)

Mondays make you blue? Watch Pup in the Box! Unpack him and lett'm go! :)
This Just IN! Have another Monday Dog Smile!

From here!

Monkey Monday, Mother's Love

Aww what a wonderful mamma!
Have a great Monkey Monday everybody!

Mothers Love

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Sunny Smile Sunday, Shiny Panda Teefs

Tai Smile
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Show those pearly panda whites! Hope everybody has been showing their teefs a lot today. Happy Sunny Smile Sunday :)

Sassparilla wears pink

Sassparilla wears pink
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Umm.. has this ever happened to you? Pandankles? If it is spreading to the dolly community then maybe we should look seriously into this condition.. and WHY am I NOT suffering from it? I have no Pandankles currently and feel left out.. ;)


Ember Heart, new things.. :)

Click the picture to go to my little incense site where I make and sell all kinds of nice things.
Newest things, Spooky, Starry Eyed (for Kat Von D ), Gingerbread Snow, and Obama's Blossoms, a Cherry Blossom scented blend for the Obama Family!

Spooky Saturday, Now look here you two!

Now look here you two!
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UMMM how about just a big kiss?
Well they are friends I promise :)
Have a great day!


What was it like to wait?

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Barack Obama and family. Wonderful behind the scenes Flickr album of the moments backstage waiting for the votes to come in, and the great scenes after before they took the main stage when he realized he was the next President of the United States.

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Presidential Poodle? Good Dog, Sunshine!

Good Dog, Sunshine!
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Will a Goldendoodle shelter pup be the next presidential doggy? Rumours are flying (like fur) that a poodle mix will be the next White House Pooch. A shelter dog will have the ultimate rags to riches tail, I mean TALE to tell :) We'll have to wait and see but shelters are already in talks with the President-elect's people to get a great shelter baby into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave! My own Poodle Boy (also an elusive poodley-mix rescued from NYC streets) is in full support of this direction in Pup Pickin'.. Let's keep our paws crossed! :)

Read all about this important decision here!

Time's Passage