Please Help Jake the Kitten with his Operation Cost!

Please Help Jake the Kitten with his Operation Cost!
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Donate to help Jake get well!

This is NY Pet-i-Care at the East Village Vet the same people who saved Oscar from death row and where we met him and where we have taken all our pets for years. They are wonderful people who dedicate their lives to helping animals.

From Marilyn:
"Dear Friends,

This a small plea to all of you, to help little Jake. He came from the kill shelter with a shattered knee and a broken hip in the same leg. Jake is about 4-months-old and the cutest, most adorable purring little guy who deserves the best chance and he will get it. He is going to a specialist tomorrow and will have surgery by the best, but we need your help, as this will be very costly.

If you are able to give whatever you can, it would be greatly appreciated.
Our website is www.nypeticare.com to use Paypal."