Malan Breton Fashion Week Fall 2010

Behind the scenes peek at Malan Breton's Fall 2010 Fashion Week Show. Watch the trailer here:

It was so lovely!

Tying the bowtie, all the little details! It came out beautifully of course :)

The gorgeous dancers at Malan Breton's fashion week show in rehearsal. They were gorgeous and energetic and such sweet smiling faces!

Anoop Desai in rehearsal at Malan Breton's fashion week show, singing his song "My Name".

The atmosphere before the show!

Malan Breton Fashion Week 2010 show begins. Beautiful bird puppets and music starts the show.

Amanda Fields walks in Malan Breton's Fashion Week show. Amanda is not only a beautiful model and a fantastic runway walker she is a great supportive friend to Malan and Blogging Project Runway. She has always shown amazing support for everybody.

Malan Breton, Anoop Desai, Countess Luann de Lesseps. The Fashion Week finale walk, like a moment in a film where they should be walking off into the sunset or on a foggy street :)