National Pigeon Day :) (Friday June 13th)

More pictures here!

Images from National Pigeon Day. On June 13th I went to Central Park's Pilgrim Hill for the event. I was only able to get there for the last hour and a half but there were still songs and art being shared. Earlier had been speakers and classes, cookies and music.
You can read what this is all about here on the National Pigeon Day Blog and get more info and pictures too!

The Day is in honor of Cher Ami the hero pigeon. You can read about how he saved the Lost Battalion in World War 2 here. It is also a day to honor our pigeon friends in cities and towns because they are gentle sweet birds and do not deserve to be called flying rats and have had so many lies spread about them. Yes there are "other things" going on in the world and I am fully aware of those too and have been or am involved and many of those have mega stars heading them- this small sweet cause has no such star (yet), so I am helping in this way.. and if we lose our ability to care for small creatures here where we live then we have in my opinion, lost a big part of our souls.

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The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players did a wonderfully sweet performance complete with music and art and their great happy spirits- they have to be the cutest family I have ever met! Adopt me please :)


(Check out their website here )
I have a video of the lovely Nellie McKay playing too but You Tube is under maintenance at the moment so I will upload it later.. :)

EDIT: Here it is! :)

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