Create National Pigeon Day!

Let's make June 13th National Pigeon Day
"As Cher Ami tried to fly back home, the Germans saw him rising out of the brush and opened fire. For several minutes, bullets zipped through the air all around him. For a minute it looked like the little pigeon was going to fall, that he wasn't going to make it. The doomed American infantrymen were crushed, their last home was plummeting to earth against a very heavy attack from German bullets.

Somehow Cher Ami managed to spread his wings and start climbing again, higher and higher beyond the range of the enemy guns. The little bird flew 25 miles in only 25 minutes to deliver his message. The shelling stopped, and more than 200 American lives were saved...all because the little bird would never quit trying."

Download a free coloring book about Cher Ami

I would love a National Pigeon Day, my four pijs would be beside themselves with pride and be even brattier than they are now :) I love Pigeons especially inspiring are the war-hero birds who fought in their own way and saved lives like Cher Ami. Write a letter or use this one to base one on and send it to your local reps! :)

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Letter and info composed by Anna Dove:
Dear Elected Government Representatives,

As you are aware pigeons are very much in the news, not only in New York City, but worldwide. What better time than to declare June 13th National Pigeon Day commemorating the death of Cher Ami (meaning Dear Friend in French).

His story can be found on the following link: The story of Cher Ami

Pigeons heroically fought for our country during wars and were used by people as messengers, saving many human lives.

Cher Ami died of his multiple war wounds on June 13, 1919--less than a year after he had completed his service to the United States Army Signal Corps. Upon his death a taxidermist preserved the small pigeon for future generations, a bird with a story that became an inspiration to millions over the years.

On this special day, students in schools across the United States will commemorate this day by learning of the significant role pigeons played in the history of the World. This can appropriately tie in with New York State's Humane Education Law, enacted in 1947 that is not being complied with in our school system, which requires instruction in the humane care and treatment of animals. The law is not been enforced, and few educators know of its existence.

In September 2006, New York City Council Member Tony Avella introduced a resolution urging the New York City Department of Education to help schools comply with New York State's Humane Education Law by issuing a memo to all public schools in the city.

We respectfully request that June 13th be declared National Pigeon Day in honor of pigeons who are war heroes.

Anna Dove
New York Bird Club