Platypus..real or fake?

The Platypus is a mysterious animal that many people think is a fake creature.

They can't even decide on a size..some seem to think its a giant! So I decided to ask those who claim to love Platypuses, exactly what they look like...

"Platypuses are small and blue, I think about them all the time!"

"Mmmffp mm mmmnph!" (Platypuses are green and yellow and nice to carry around and drool on!)

"They have pinky limbs and are not always that social."

"Ummm mmphh mmhpphhmmn!" (I find they get along great with my other babies, and yes, I agree, they are nice to drool on!)

Not everyone was available for comment but I think the pictures speak for themselves! :) They seem to be very nice cuddly creatures!

"Whatever! :P"