So Deliciously Clean!

You know you want to eat them! But alas they are soap, yes soap to keep you squeaky clean, not your tummy full. Dancing Sisters on Etsy make these treats. Reading their description might not help much either, they still sound tasty.
"These adorable cupcakes are 100% cold process soap (even the frosting) and were made using the whipped soap process.
They have a fragrance free, super white, Ivory pure, vegan cake base and are topped with a choice of 3 different scented frostings. They are finished off with a decorative sugar (not sprinkles) that dissolve completely, leaving no mess behind. And because of the air incorporated into them by the cake beaters, they float!"
If you want soap the scent of Sunripened Raspberry, Chocolate or Lemon Meringue, order them here!