Cisma, Adobe “Le Sens Propre”

What starts as a little girl not feeling well turns into a beautiful fantasy.

"Q&A with Cisma
What was the brief on this project? Was it wide open, in terms of script/concept?
Basically it was a 98% open brief and the only requirement was to do everything using Adobe products exclusively.

If you wrote the script, where did you get the idea?
Since Adobe products are more about filmmaking and didn’t really need me to communicate a specific message, I took that as an opportunity to make an experimental film focused on art direction and creativity. My goal was to hold the attention of the viewer by the way the story is told and not the desire of knowing how it’s going to end."

Click here to read the whole interview and see the film by Cisma, made to show the creative abilities of the Adobe CS4. Click the photos to see production stills from the shoot.

“Le Sens Propre”
Originally uploaded by motionographer.

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