Monkey Monday, Karta's Ape Escape

Karta (above) used a stick to short circuit an electric fence, and then began to build a makeshift ladder to scale a wall. She took 30 minutes to decide what to do when she was on top and decided to come back down to her zoo home! Maybe all she wanted was to see what was on the other side.

Ape escapes, then 'changes mind'
Zoo curator Peter Whitehead told reporters the ape seemed to realise she was in a place where she should not have been.
"She's actually hung on to the wall and dropped back into the exhibit," he said.

It was not the first time Karta had caused a headache for the zookeepers.
"You're talking about an animal that's highly intelligent," Mr Whitehead said.

"We've had issues with her before in normal day-to-day operations where she tries to outsmart the keepers. She's an ingenious animal."

Read of the whole escapade here on the BBC.