Recession? Blondes to the Rescue!

Platinum blonde
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Economic woes got your country down? Send in the Blondes! Marika Gidere of the Latvian Blondes' Association believes gathering 500 fair-haired females this weekend in Riga for golf, contests, a parade and more, may just be the bombshell they need to drop to pick up Latvian spirits. The BBC reports today that Latvia, home to 2.3 million people, is going through one of the most severe recessions in the European Union.

"People are depressed, they don't have enough positive emotions," she added.
"The economic situation is such that society needs these types of events," Ms Gidere continues, "And this is something very positive and fun. And we know that blondes have more fun."

Their motto is Make the World a Brighter Place... even as a brunette I hope their plan works. Read the whole article here on the BBC.

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"Are you blonde chicks ready to save the country? Let's go!"