The Golden Age of LP Covers, LPlover's Blog

Just a couple of pictures from Lplover's visually wonderful blog. I wish that you could click the pictures and have the music they are advertising play (scratchy fuzzy vinyl needle pops and all..)!

Tell a bunch of finely dressed people to strike a happy pose and this is what you'd get. Within reason of course, can't get too crazy there you kids! Zowie!

Hey look, an awkward family photo as an album cover! I wonder where they are now? Is their hair still that big? Do they still match?

Shimmy on over to Lplover and reminisce over a lost world of vinyl records and real full sized "album covers". Yes I know many bands today that had LPs are still around.. but this seems to focus on a truly lost world. Too bad so much of this great old music is gone, out of curiosity I might like to know what Mr Pincus' take on Happy Music is.. :)

via Even Cleveland