An Infinite World

Go outside and look around. Go inside to a smaller world of homes, then dig inside an even smaller world of objects. If you take an object apart to see its pieces, that is an even smaller world. We can do this every day. Have you ever wished you could just fly around the planet, pick a point and dive in to see it even closer like that? This is as close as you can get without magic. Every person will find something different, but what everyone will find is how much beauty is contained on our blue marble floating in space.

"Infinite Photograph—As Seen on Earth
What makes up our world? Dive into this photo-mosaic portrait of the Earth to see it through the eyes of users like you. It's made up of hundreds of photos of the natural world, each submitted by users to My Shot. Move the yellow square over an area you would like to explore, click, and go. Double-click on an image to see more information about it. Keep clicking—and diving deeper into the Infinite Photograph—to get a truly boundless picture of Earth."

via PLiME.com