Dad Delivers Baby with the Help of You Tube Videos!

What a story baby Gabriele will have to tell his kids one day. Mom Jo started to have contractions three weeks early and he decided he was going to be born before any professionally trained help could arrive. So did dad panic? Marc Stephens watched a You Tube video on how to deliver a baby and all turned out well. Read the whole story here on the BBC. At its very best the internet brings people together from around the world, and now has helped bring a little baby into the world!

This is one of the videos Marc watched, click the picture
to go to the You Tube link.
"How to Deliver a Baby in a Taxi Cab"

Maybe everybody should view it at least once. Who knows when you may be needed in an emergency and having this knowledge tucked into your brain can only be a good thing!

Photo, Sun News
You Tube Video, "Learn tips and advice on how to deliver a baby in the backseat of a taxi cab in this free instructional video clip. Expert: Laurie Fremgen"