Clairvoyant helped find Chihuahua that blew away

Air Chihuahua! It's one of those stories you wouldn't believe if someone just told you. Nowadays you need written proof. Well here you go!

Lavern and Dorothy Utley of Rochester Hills, with their dog, Tinker Bell, who was found Monday after being swept up in a weekend storm. (Photo by Mark Hicks)

"A pet psychic "thought we were looking in the wrong place," Dorothy Utley, Tinker Bell's owner, said Monday. "She said, 'I'd like you to go over and look under things and up high and on hills.' She said she was going to be up high."

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    Now if someone named Wendy and her dog Toto had somehow been involved I would really wonder what was going on at that flea market! Glad it's all a fairy tale happy ending.