The Tree Project

The Tree Project is complete!
Check out this amazing collaborative mixture of fibre and sculpture, created by one artist's imagination and many people from around the world :)
Jennifer Marsh did this wonderful bit of Real Estate art too.
Check out the main website here. I wonder what they will dream up next!
"In May of 2007 I found myself frustrated with the direction that my artwork was headed. I was a sculptor working mostly in a closed studio, having limited interaction with other artists. I wanted to find a way to escape my isolation and be a part of something that was bigger than me. Already having a history of fiber related work found in my sculpture, I thought about how this medium could be used to have an impact on people from all over the world. Everyone could relate to and appreciate textiles as well as enjoy working with their hands. This type of medium was accessible to people in every country and it wouldn't be too expensive to ship in the mail. Paralleling with these ideas, I realized how textiles are universal to all countries, just as certain important issues and concerns were ubiquitous around the world. Pairing these elements together, I created the International Fiber Collaborative — an initiative that would give people from all countries, all walks of life and ages, the opportunity to collaborate with other communities and countries worldwide on a single mission."

Thanks Kitty :)