Monkey Monday, the BEST Kind of Day!

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When you learn furry friends you thought were lost have now been found! Such good news! From the BBC: New rare orangutan find in Borneo

A hitherto unknown population of orangutans numbering perhaps 1-2,000 has been found on the island of Borneo, conservation researchers say.

Members of the reclusive endangered species were found by scientists acting on tip-offs from local people.

Much of the orangutan's tropical forest habitat in Indonesia and Malaysia has been cut down for timber extraction and to create palm oil plantations.
About 50,000 orangutans are thought to remain in the wild.
"The reclusive red-haired primates were found in a rugged, largely inaccessible mountainous region," Erik Meijaard, of Nature Conservancy Indonesia, said.

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Trixie- baby Orangutan
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