Live Chick Cam!

They are living at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

From WFAS:
"LIVE CHICKS! (No, not that kind)

As happens frequently in the spring, we received a call from a school teacher looking for a home for 5 just-hatched chicks -- the living, breathing result of a classroom project. These fuzzballs quickly grow into larger hens and roosters who have a lot of space, temperature and care requirements, and can live for over a decade.

As soon as the novelty is over, assuming the chicks or ducklings can survive the unnurturing classroom environment, the teacher or parent has to find a "home" -- more often than not the end of the road for those animals. The takeaway for the kids is less about biology and more about the disposability of life.

If you're a parent or student who hears of an upcoming hatching project, please encourage that teacher to consider more humane alternatives to hatching.

In the meantime they happen to be ridiculously cute, so during daytime hours EST you can see them live."

Some of those chickz are divas! :)
The camera Loves ya!