Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo, Science Star!

Snowball the famous dancing Cockatoo's fame is well.. snowballing into even more worldwide recognition, as the science world flocks to study his moves.

Watch the dancing style that inspired entertainment and scientific minds alike!

The BBC reports today: "Footage revealed that some parrots have a near-perfect sense of rhythm; swaying their bodies, bobbing their heads and tapping their feet in time to a beat.

Previously, it was thought that only humans had the ability to groove."

Snowball begs to differ.

"Dr Patel said: "These 15 species were all vocal learners - 14 parrots and one Asian elephant."

After these initial studies, both teams now want to look more closely at different species' relationship with music."

Click here to read this informative article and watch another video of Snowball grooving to his favorite song (at 3 different speeds!)