RIP Knut Haugland

He fought the Nazis and went on one of the world's greatest journeys. Rest in Peace, Knut Haugland, you lived an amazing life.

Last Kon-Tiki raft crewman Knut Haugland dies
Mr Haugland died of natural causes in Oslo

Knut Haugland - the last of the six Norwegian crewmen who crossed the Pacific Ocean on the Kon-Tiki balsa wood raft in 1947 - has died aged 92.
The explorer died of natural causes in Oslo's hospital, the Kon-Tiki museum director said.
The expedition was launched from Peru by anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl to demonstrate that South Americans could have settled Polynesia.
The Kon-Tiki sailed with basic equipment some 8,000 km (4,900 miles).
During World War II, Mr Haugland was member of the Norwegian resistance movement.
He was honoured by Britain for his role in helping to disrupt Nazi plans to create nuclear weapons via BBC News