Back in the third grade our teacher said we were acting like animals when we danced around to this song. Our classmate Debbie (who was a trained child dancer and had been in a commercial) was onstage in the school talent review and as we later found out danced against her parents wishes to this song. All of us knew she could dance since she would practice on the playground. I wonder now if this was her secret to keep her parents from knowing she was teaching herself these modern animal (lol) dance moves. I remember her performance to this song so clearly to this day. Debbie I forget your last name now.. but I hope some Broadway star named Debbie is you. This was my first favorite Jackson 5 song, and the "era" of Michael I like to remember him in. Check out those robot moves, they really were ahead of their time. For all his flaws and scandals as he grew I choose to remember him like this, so talented and full of music and life. Rest in Peace Michael.