Live frog in lettuce stuns mom !

Yes I think I'd be a little stunned too! You can adopt this famous froggy now too so read on! :)

Live frog in lettuce stuns mom

Tracy for News
Orla Ehrlich, 7, holds tiny frog her mom found in a head of lettuce.

Tracy for News
The little green frog that narrowly escaped being part of a salad.

A health-conscious Brooklyn mom says she nearly jumped out of her skin when she found a little green frog napping between the leaves of a head of organic lettuce she brought home.
"I jumped away" said 39-year-old Yvonne Brechbuhler, fearing she'd uncovered a dead bug or worse, a slug.
"I didn't know what it was. But once I realized it was a frog, I was okay."
The Prospect Heights mom, who doubles as a stage actress, described the tiny visitor no bigger than the tip of her pinky finger as "one tough frog."
She said first the frog survived a journey from South Florida to the Park Slope Food Coop, then another three days in her refrigerator.
Finally it narrowly escaped being part of a pesticide-free salad she was making last week.
Rather than get hopping mad, Brechbuhler and daughter Orla, 7, made their new amphibian amigo a home-away-from home in a jar filled with lettuce leaves, water and fruit flies they corralled from a nearby garden.
They named him "Curious" - because he seemed to be.
But worried that Curious might need better care, Brechbuhler, hubby Eddy, and Orla later brought the frog to a Brooklyn animal facility that specializes in reptiles and amphibians, where he's now up for adoption.
Anyone who wants the frog can find out about Curious at www.scarnyc.org - Sean Casey Animal Rescue.
"It was very sad to see him go," the mom said.
Despite the curious find of Curious, Brechbuhler, a longtime member of the food coop that offers pesticide and antibiotic-free foods, isn't changing her eating habits.
But she said "I just might look a little harder before I buy."
The manager of the Coop was unavailable for comment, but an employee said it was the first such incident in memory.

To adopt Curious contact the Sean Casey Animal Rescue
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