Two-fur Tuesday was a tearful one for me my little mouse girl Babette became an angel mousie. I have had mice before rescued from the jaws and paws of kitties. They dart around and look cute but are not really for cuddling.. except this little girl. She loved being held and would reach up her tiny pink paws to be lifted and held all the time. With the tip of my pinkie nail I would "scratch" her micro cheeks and she would fall asleep curled in my palm. She was ill Monday night and fell asleep and moved on into the universe, wherever it is we go. For such a tiny tiny girl she was so amazingly affectionate and loving.

I know not everyone can but before setting traps in homes to kill mice consider a Humane Mouse Trap and release them in a park or woods if you can't keep them. There are even Mouse and Rat Rescue places to contact. Just because they are small doesn't mean one might not be a wonderful friend to someone if gioven a chance to be more than a "pest".