Kickstarter, RooftopFilms and Park Slope Brooklyn last night

A great event took place last night on a rooftop overlooking Brooklyn, put on by my Lower East Side neighbors Kickstarter (very cool funding group for amazing projects! check them out!) and RooftopFilms.. nice for the combined reason it let me watch great film and eat Cowgirl vegan cupcakes! (These were so good btw!! Their Kickstarter campaign is still underway so check it out :))
I watched great artist's work on an amazing rooftop of an old factory,
Park Slope Brooklyn 3
and wandered my old neighborhood earlier in the eve!
Park Slope Brooklyn 45
I had not been back to in ages and it has greatly changed, but that's the way it goes. A great time was had by all :)
More pix on Twitpic and Flickr!

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