Steps to Happiness...

..Should Lead to Happiness Not Jail

Why do the colors of one girl's lavender stairs (that have been that way for years) bother someone so much that she might go to jail if she does not paint over them? Why should ONE person be able to control the actions of another in their own home? Read Annakim Violette's story here, it is an issue of creativity and control. Would you like ONE person to force you to change the way your home looks because they didn't like it? How much is someone truly harmed if they see a bit of color on a stairway as they pass by? It's a scary thing to think that someones dull conformity can put a creative person in jail because they are not dull conformists like themselves. It's not just about stair color, it's the scary spectre of freedom of expression being removed just because one person doesn't like what you do with it.