Denver's Angel, Cancer survivor, 9, funds support dog for 2-year-old

You will cry but happy tears. Children should never be underestimated, and a lot, A LOT, of adults could learn a lesson about what is important on this floating pebble in space.

Cancer survivor, 9, funds support dog for 2-year-old
By Kirk Mitchell, The Denver Post
"After two years of surgery, chemotherapy and treatment for a brain tumor, 9-year-old Allison Winn wanted other kids with cancer to have a companion like her dog, Coco.

"She made me feel better," Allison said.

So when she regained her strength at the end of spring, Allison embarked on a fundraising campaign of her own invention to pay for feeding and training companion dogs for kids like her.

On Tuesday, in the lobby of the women's prison where Coco and the new dog were trained, she watched quietly, but intently, as 2-year-old cancer survivor Krysta Hubbard caressed the nose of Lucky Bug, a gentle black Labrador. Krysta affectionately called him "Puppy."

She has also raised enough money to buy two more dogs and hopes to start a dog biscuit fundraising company.

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